Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Race Across the Sky: Book Review + Giveway

I was lucky enough to be contacted to review Race Across the Sky a few months back.

While I am the first to admit I haven’t been a big reader lately, I find myself having read several books about ultras and fitness lately.  Unlike, the personal stories I’ve read in Finding Ultra, Fitness Confidential and Eat and Run; Race Across the Sky is a fiction novel.

The story is about two brothers, one who lives a corporate life in San Francisco and the other who lives literally in a cabin in mountains in Colorado where his life is running.  I found the first couple of chapters immediately engaging and it made me want to keep reading…this says a lot about the book and the writing style.  It’s an easy and pleasurable read with an interesting take on running.  For me, it wasn’t quite at the same level as Finding Ultra or Born to Run but I did finish it quickly and found it an enjoyable read.

I thought the story would glorify the life of the brother living in the woods and discuss all the negatives about life “in the real world,” but that’s not really how the story plays out.  It points out conflict within each of the brothers and the pros and cons of both lifestyles.

As a northern California native, I really appreciated the imagery of the northern California story, complete with having the SF Giants playing on the car stereo.  I haven’t explored Colorado enough to know if its imagery was an accurate depiction but it made me want to take a hike in the woods.

Without spoiling any part of the book, there are some surprising twists that, as a reader, I appreciated despite the twists evoking emotional responses.  Nuf said on that.

I’d say this book has appeal for both the runner and non-runner.  If you’re looking for a quick and easy read to round out your summer travels pick up a copy of Race Across the Sky

You can also WIN a copy by leaving a comment to this post telling me about your favorite running book or running race.  I have THREE copies to giveaway courtesy of TLC Book tours so comment away!  Giveaway will close on August 30th so get your comments in by midnight pacific time!

Thank you TLC Book Tours for advancing me a copy for review!

**While I did receive this book as a courtesy copy from TLC Book Tours the opinions expressed above are my own.