Thursday, April 15, 2010

Portland Peeps

It's widely known on this blog that I have a TON of runner friends to meet up with.  One of the best things about running in Portland is running into a runner friend that you didn't expect to see.  Case in point, last night I was on a brick run, on my way to meet a new Ptown runner Marya, and I saw this blonde girl with an ironman hat on.  I thought, no way, that's not Jen and sure enough it WAS Jen!  Couple minutes later, Zach came bounding along!  I heart having random runner meetups.

When I ran into Jen and Zach, I was on my way to meet up with Marya.  We have been planning a meet up but it just hasn't worked with schedules until yesterday.  She and her husband are super friendly and nice.  For being newer to running, they are speedy (at least by my standards).  Yesterday we really only had time to do a "hi, how are ya, nice to meet ya" but we're planning an actual run soon.  Hopefully I can keep up.  I did bring my camera for proof that we did meet! 
Looking forward to an actual run soon!  (PS For anyone that cares my brick run was awesome. 2 miles, longest brick run of the year, in 19:10--yes, that's a 9:35 avg! Heck yeah!)

In other news, Race for the Roses pictures were posted and there were a couple of me that aren't terrible!  Shocking!