Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easin' on down the road...

(Now who has the urge to watch The Wiz?)

This week has been about getting healthy and getting back into my routine.  After a rough start to the week (i.e. not enough sleep on Sunday), I've been slowly feeling better.  I've been taking it easy and easing back into my workouts.  I know Barb's race is a long way off but it's still frustrating to have setbacks. 

I'm happy to be feeling better because it just so happens that I have a little race this weekend.  Not little actually, it's a half marathon.  Oh yikes.  I'm definitely not in PR shape so I'm going to run on feel and enjoy the run.  The best thing about this weekend is that my BFF is coming to town.  Kristen and I have known each other for two freakin' decades--how awesome is that?!?!  Many pictures will be taken, I'll be sure to have a picture filled post on Monday.

Since I don't really have much else to say I'll do a Three Things Thursday:
1.  I got to leave work early today b/c I was at work until past 9:00pm tuesday and wednesday.

2.  As I was driving to work this morning it was sleet/snowing.  It only got to about 45 today.  Where did spring go?

3.  I went to a kick ass spin class with Sarah tonight and had a good swim too.