Friday, March 19, 2010

That's right put in work

So, that’s a line from Kanye’s “workout plan” song, which I love despite Kanye being a tool. I’ve definitely been putting in the work this week. I also started a couple new projects. I started a volunteer gig this week and I found out that I was accepted to be Portland’s Triathlon Examiner! I’ve joined the ranks of ChicRunner, SteveinaSpeedo and RunningLaur---all fellow examiners. I’ll probably put a sidebar link after I post my first article!

Between regular work, volunteering, training and trying to spend time with my wonderful hubby and cute doggie it’s been a BUSY week. Barb’s Race training has officially begun and I am feeling it (in a good way). I went for my first midweek outdoor ride last night with a co-worker. She lives in the suburbs west of Portland and within 3 miles of leaving her neighborhood we were in the country. It was a great night for a ride the sun was shining, not a cloud in sight! I wish I had taken pics. The ride was a bit hillier than I was anticipating but great practice. We even ran into another larger group of riders out enjoying the nice weather. I definitely think this ride was the highlight of my mid-week training since I was the most nervous about it!

My run highlight of the week was my Tuesday evening run with Jen, Amy and Deana. The flowers were out (so were my allergies BOO), we chatted and even stopped to pick a couple of flowers. Deana was remarking that our group was the most people she’s ever run with. It was pretty funny to me since I rarely run alone anymore. Next week, I’ll bring the camera!

This morning Sarah met me at o’dark thirty for a quick (well, actually it was pretty slow, thanks for sticking with me chica) run pre-work. I’m trying to make running dates for Friday morning since I know running after work on Friday can be difficult.

The weekend has couple of hard workouts in store…I’ll be posting a full re-cap of my first training week Sunday or Monday. Happy Friday!

Good luck to ChicRunner as she takes LA by storm at the LA Marathon!Good luck to Carolina John who is running marathon #2!