Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shamrock 2010 Race Report

Well, it wasn’t the race I wanted but I still gave it a great effort and finished in 31:28. My first mistake is starting too far back in the crowd. I was trying to be realistic, knowing that I wanted to run about 9 min miles I started in the front of the 9-10 minute pace group. Unfortunately, the 8-9 minute mile group ahead of me were running like 11 min miles. The first half a mile was obnoxiously crowded. I haven’t run a 5k since 2005 so I forgot how crowded they can be. When I looked at my watch and saw a 10:05 first mile I knew my PR was gone, but I set a new goal—“finish before my music ends” (I had allowed a buffer of 2 minutes on my playlist). Mile 2 was uphill so I passed a LOT of people who were walking but I was also running slower since it was uphill (10:20 for mile 2). Mile 3 was mostly flat with a little downhill section. I chuckled to myself that there was a water station---really, for a 5K? I blew past the water station and flew past lots of walkers (seriously---walkers should line up with the 10 min mile and over group)! “Gloria” came on as I entered the final turn and the last flat stretch of road. I powered through and came up with a 9:02 final mile---that was more like it. I finished in time to see Mr. Pi and Amy start the 15k. I’m happy with my finish, I finished strong. I am disappointed in my overall time, especially since I ran a 9:29 avg 3 mile loop with Jen not too long ago. Whatev’s there will be other 5k’s.

My favorite thing about the whole race though (other than watching Mr. Pi finish) was hanging out with A & L. It was their first race. They were so excited to finish and have their first race under their belt. I couldn’t have been happier for them! I know it was the first race of many for them. (They are signed up for the Disneyland half marathon in September.)

In other news, Barb’s race training officially started on Monday. I’m really excited to get official training underway, it feels great to be back on a schedule again. I’m 20 weeks from the start line of my first half ironman!