Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vacation Re-Cap!

Where do I begin…

The wedding in Napa was gorgeous. The bride was beautiful, the wine was tasty, the scenery was amazing! Here’s a pic of Mr. Pi and I in the car before we went to the ceremony. Sadly, that’s the only picture I have from the wedding.
After a long night, we arrived back to Sac from Napa pretty late that evening and we were up at 4:XX the next morning to get on the plane to HAWAII. It was a bit brutal but no complaining, we were off to HAWAII! Being so tired, I actually did a lot of sleeping on the plane which normally I can’t do. When we arrived in Maui it was a balmy 85 + 90% humidity. Glorious! Perfect beach weather.

Running to Lahina and back to the condo on Maui. Running to the top of Diamondhead (well running from Waikiki to the trailhead, I walked up to the top and most of the way down, too many tourists and too steep for me to run the whole way.)Top of Diamondhead.Mr. Pi waited for me at the start of Waikiki so we could run the rest of the way back together. What a guy!
Totally out of order photos, here is the view from our condo on Maui.Ocean swimming!
The wedding we went to on Wednesday was kind of odd. My grandpa now has a stepson who is only 6 months older than me. My new step grandma seemed nice enough and her family was pleasant. My thought on the whole thing is “if he’s happy, I’m happy.” He now has someone to explore new adventures and travel the world with, which makes me happy.
Before the wedding.My Mom and I on the beach after the wedding.
Mr. Pi and I post wedding, beach at sunset.

We’re now back in the NW, where it’s cloudy, windy and rainy, not everywhere can be Hawaii. I leave again on Friday for SF to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. I’m super excited to hang out with some new bloggers/tweeters and see some old friends (ROHO’s, RoadBunner, Audrey, Kristen, all my Cali friends). I don’t have any goals for the race other than to support my awesome friend Sarah (her first marathon) and enjoy the route. I’m ready to have some fun!

While I was away sooooo many people ran awesome races, congrats to you all! Most special congrats to my PB&J/R (depending on who you ask) marathoners Emily (who BQ’d) and Amy (who kicked her first marathon in the ass)—way to go ladies!