Friday, July 31, 2009

Vacation Tales & Anticipation

I’ve been back from vacation for almost a week but haven’t been able to post. Here is an abbreviated vacation tale…

First, the MacGyver episode. Last Saturday night I got locked out of my Dad’s house (he and Mr. Pi were backpacking near Tahoe over 2 hours away). I was taking Zoey out for a potty break when the sliding glass door decided to lock from the inside, leaving Zoey and I stranded in the back yard. I know there isn’t a hide-a-key in the back yard. So my options were:

1) Hop the fence and use the neighbors phone, call the only numbers I know by heart (all 3 of them) and hope one of them has my stepmom’s number (the only person with an extra key in town)
2) Hope one of the accessible windows is open and I can fit
3) Sleep on the patio

I went for option #2 first. No luck, all accessible windows—locked! I tried to hop the fence but it felt pretty rickety and I was in my PJ’s without shoes. Before I was ready to give up and resign Zoey and I to a night on the patio I grabbed a BBQ tool and set out trying to unscrew the hinges on the bolted fence. SUCCESS!!! I got out and went to the neighbors. The first two numbers I tried no answer. I finally got a hold of my Mom who luckily had my Stepmom’s number. Unfortunately, I had to leave a message, no answer. I went back to the patio and Zoey and I waited for my Stepmom to come rescue us. About 30 minutes later, she did! I feel pretty bad ass for getting the fence door open, go MacGyver-lisa.

Other than that minor hiccup the rest of the vacation was AWESOME!

Last Thursday was my birthday. I have officially entered my mid-late twenties. You know what? It feels pretty much the same. I had a great birthday workout. Hour on the bike (14 miles) and 20 minute run (1.97 miles). We spent the rest of the day getting Mr. Pi and my Dad packed up for the trip and hangin’ by the pool. We ate dinner at my favorite Greek restaurant in Sacramento.

Friday morning, the boys took off on their adventure and I hit the bike trail for a run. I set out to do 8 miles but at the 4 mile turn around I felt pretty good so I kept on trucking for another mile. It was a slow 10 miles but 10 miles nonetheless. I hurried home to take Zoey for a quick walk, shower and meet my Mom for shopping. After a successful shopping trip, I picked up the dog and headed to my BFF’s house. Our pups had a playdate and we gorged on yummy sushi.

Saturday, I had my MacGyver espisode, took the dog for a long walk, washed the car, did a short but speedy swim and layed out by the pool! It was a glorious day. I didn’t even leave the house. Saturday night I finished up season 2 of Buffy. Have I mentioned that I heart Buffy (probably not as much as Gazelle but I do love the show)?

Sunday, I did a 25 mile ride along the bike trail and lounged by the pool.

Monday, we drove back to P-town.

Tuesday, I took the day off.

Wednesday, back to work and my regular Wednesday routine. Spin with JEN, brick run (hot, sauna-y treadmill run with Jen, I did 20 minutes, longest to date) and OWS at Klineline pond with him, her, her, her and her. Thursday, biked for 30 and ran 1.5 miles.

Today I’m taking off in anticipation of…MY FIRST TRIATHLON TOMORROW! I’m not setting any expectations for this race, I want to enjoy myself and finish (hopefully not last). Race report and hopefully pictures too over the weekend.

Regularly schedule blog posts to resume next week.