Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Race Photos

I never like race photos of myself, these are really no exception. At least this time I don't totally look like I want to die. My "bunny arms" as Mr. Speedy Pi (thanks TFH for the new name, I think he likes it) calls them are out in full force. The one great thing about these shots is--my outfit! It rocked! I posted some shots of Mr.S Pi too, in one of them he even looks like he's struggling, guess even the fast peeps have rough patches. Enjoy!

This is near the start line. He's lookin' strong!

Still looking strong! I think this is still in the beginning miles. He's doing the Rocky fist pump!
Mile 21. I posed for the camera but I guess they didn't get that shot. Can you see me, I'm the bright one?!

This is the same location, mile 21. At least I mustered a smile!

Here's Mr. S Pi at the same spot, mile 21. No smile from him.

In the home stretch. Look my feet ARE off the ground!
This is my WTF, where is the finish line, face.
Mr. S Pi raises his fist in victory as he busted out another awesome PR!
Here's me, feet off the ground, arms in the air...I'm DONE!
(P.S. It annoys me that the clock time is different than my actual time...also bothers me that the clock is in my picture and NOT in Mr. S Pi's, the person actually jazzed about their performance!)