Monday, June 8, 2009

Operation Svelte & Going Rogue

It’s been over a week since the SD marathon. Here is a quick re-cap of my crazy week. I worked two 14 hour days last week then we headed back down to CA for a wedding. I ran a pathetic 30 minute run on Friday morning before the wedding, it felt good but my legs still felt a bit heavy. Mr. Speedy Pi and I spent Saturday driving all over NorCal to see family. Sunday was the dreaded 10 hour drive back. Got home Sunday around 4:30, I went to the grocery store and started laundry. After making lunch for both Mr. S Pi and I, around 7pm, I sat down on the couch and watched 2 hours of old, circa 1994, 90210 reruns. Since I’ve been a bit sleep deprived lately I was in bed by 9:15 and had one of the best sleeps I’ve had in ages.

Today marks the start of phase 1-Operation Svelte* and going rogue. Now that marathon training is over and I won’t be running 20 miles on the weekends, I need to re-evaluate my eating habits. I’m 100% committed to using for the next 7 weeks and getting back to the “moderation diet” (i.e. instead of a huge bowl, or two, of ice cream, ½ cup- which is recommended serving size in case you were wondering). “Going rogue” refers to my new training plan _____. That’s right, blank! For the first time in over a year I’m going sans a specific plan. This isn’t to say I don’t have goals for each week; I just don’t want everything planned out. I’m type-A so we’ll see how long this lasts but it sounds great (in theory).

My weekly goals are:
1. Run, Bike & Swim 2-3 times per week
2. One LONG run, bike & swim per week
3. One strength session per week

As you may have noticed, running/biking/swimming make up a triathlon. I have a WHOLE bunch on my buckeye calendar and sidebar. Obviously, I won’t be doing all of them! I haven’t picked one quite yet but my goal would be to complete one Sprint distance and one Olympic distance before the summer is over. I know I can complete the Sprint distance and the only thing of the Olympic distance that makes me nervous is the bike portion (24 miles seems far…but if I've run 26.2 I can bike 24.8 right?). With some training I’m hoping to gain confidence on the bike.

For the next 7 weeks (which is also the duration of phase 1: Operation Svelte*), I may add a 4th run to the weekly schedule since I’m running the 1st Half of the SF Marathon. I’m very excited! I’ll get to see the ROHO’s, RoadBunner, Audrey and Chic Runner! The plan is to line up with Julianne who is pacing the 4:45 marathon group. If I can hang through all the SF hills, I’ll end with a new ½ PR. (I’m hoping the lovely Gazelle will be willing to do some hill training with me since we all know she *hearts* hills.)

Despite being tired from the weekend, I’m jazzed to run tonight and hop on the ____ plan! (If I call it the "Rogue plan" that kinda contradicts me describing “going rogue” as sans plan, doesn’t it?)

*Phase 1: Operation Svelte = Getting eating habits under control and hopefully dropping a few (5-10) lbs.