Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm in the mood to...

kick a little ass! (Who can tell me what movie that is from?)

More like get my ass handed to me. It's been quite the workout week. Going "rogue" is agreeing with me. Monday I did a quick 3 mi run (went out a little fast 9 something but slowed it down and finished strong). After the run I proceeded to do 30 minutes of weights which included a GAZILLION (read- 50ish) walking lunges with hand weights. I was sore for two days! Note to self: continue doing these!

Tuesday I took a rest day. After work I went searching for a new apt. Mr. S Pi and I are looking to relocate. I spent a couple of hours driving around looking for places and found a couple of good options. I don't want to jinx it but we put in an application at one place and are hoping to be accepted there. It's not the best looking apartment (read- built in the '70s vs our current new diggs) BUT it's less than 10 minutes to my work, the neighborhood is cute and there is a dog park within walking distance for Zoey! Another fact about the neighborhood is it's HOLY HILLS land! I won't be able to go anywhere, including out of the complex, without climbing a hill. More to come on this if we're accepted.

Wednesday I had high hopes for doing a triple threat workout bike, run and swim. I met Jen for spin and we did a brick run right after. I got my very first leg cramp on this run. She said it's totally normal for that to happen when going from the bike to running. (60 minute Spinning + 10 minutes/1.01 mi run...going to start uping the run by a couple of min each week.) After the run I wasn't feeling a swim so I opted to do weights instead. Jen joined me through the upper body workout and I did leg weights on my own. (I'm not sure why I opted to do weights over a swim. I love to swim and I consider myself a pretty strong swimmer. Not sure what my deal is lately with swimming. Maybe I'm trying not to fall into the trap of always doing the exercise I'm the strongest at?) Again, postworkout there was lot-o-soreness...must continue to work on weight training.

Thursday was busy. The morning was pretty busy at work and in the afternoon I got to see my wonderful hubby Mr. Speedy Pi defend his Masters thesis. He did great and is officially a Master. We're a Masterful family =). After work I hit Terwilliger, otherwise known as my running nemesis (remember this post & this post)! Terwilliger is a beautiful parkway in Portland, offering gorgeous views of the city and Mt. Hood (on a non-cloudy day). It is also home to GIANT hills (giant, for me at least). My goal was to get in 5 miles under an hour (so under 12 min pace). Gazelle once told me that the secret to hills is to just keep moving, she also mentioned that she counts steps as a mind game. I did both of these things and really tried to enjoy the views and the 70 degree weather. I finished 5 in 58:xx. The worst part of the whole run, hill-wise, was the last .4 to get from the main road back to my office. (If we are accepted at the new apt place I may consider running home from work once a week. I've definitely been thinking about bike commuting at least once a week. It's approx. 3.5 miles of hills.)

Friday...that's today! Zoey, our little pup, got sick last night after eating some of Mr. Speedy Pi's white chocolate cookies. He was out celebrating his triumphant grad school finish with friends and I was up with the dog much of the night. Needless to say this morning was not the morning to try for an AM workout. I'm going to try to force myself to hit the pool after work tonight so I can officially say I'm on track to having a successful first week of "rogue."

Saturday and Sunday--I have a longish bike ride planned with Mr. S Pi, a long run of 8-10 miles and a long swim. Keeping with my "rogue" format not sure when these will happen I just know that they will get done.

Recap week 1 of"rogue" and Operation Svelte:

Operation Svelte. I've been diligently using TheDailyPlate and so far the net calories have always been lower than my recommended calorie intake for the day. I don't weigh myself until next Wednesday. I'm really trying to pay attention to the calorie breakdown too (i.e. fat, carbs, protein, fiber).

Rogue. Goal: 2-3 Run, Bike & Swim + one strength & one LONG of each R, B,S. On track to meet run and bike goals. Already did 2 strength workouts--goal met! Swimming is lacking but should be back on track after tonight.

Good luck to locals Jen, Zach, Emily, PDX Chicks and Backpacker on your Tri at Blue Lake this weekend!

P.S. Here's another reason why the blogging community is so fantastic. XCountry2 emailed me the photo below.

Thanks chica, now I have a finish line picture with the correct clock time!!!