Sunday, October 19, 2014

Embracing the woo-woo

This IS going to be one of THOSE posts.  A few posts ago I talked about how I was embracing the woo-woo and letting go of pre-conceived notions I have about things like meditation and "soul searching."  I have always thought of these things as "silly" or things that "hippies do" or, to be honest, "older people."  However, I am finding myself embracing introspective activities I previously thought of as silly/fill-in-the-blank judgement.  I am now happily enjoying (almost) daily meditation and have been really trying to get in touch with my inner hopes/dreams/desires.  

Meditation is one of the "woo woos" I am wholeheartedly embracing.  I have never been one of those people who is good at having a "still mind."  I find myself always on the go.  However, unlike many of my friends or even my wonderful hubby, when I'm home alone I don't like to have music on or the TV or a podcast even.  Most of the time, I relish in the silence.  I have always been this way.  Call it the product of being an only child in a divorced parent household where it was always just me and Dad or me and Mom.  I like to think that I have always been wanting to let myself have a still mind but it wasn't until recently that I've actually let myself indulge.  

I found a couple of podcasts and an app to help me get started.  If you're looking for some help and ideas on how to start meditating I highly recommend the following:
Yoga and Meditation App (small fee) (Yoga and Meditation with Janet Stone)
Headspace Meditation Podcast (Free)
Simply Being ($.99 apple and android)

Here is the list I consulted when I went looking for an app.

This weekend Mr. Pi ran a 50k at the coast.  I went for my own mini run in the morning, completely unplugged, mind open.  Later in the afternoon I went for a leisurely walk with Zoey and at one more I found a bench and just sat down for a few minutes.  I'm not sure how long I was there but it was a great meditation session.  I was reminded that once again, meditation isn't about being in the same space every time with your legs crossed a certain way but rather, meditation is about being able to clear your mind and embrace the present moment.

Also along that walk with the dog I was reminded about how much I really belong at the ocean.  Some people are mountain people, some people are city people, I am 100% an ocean girl.  Whether it is a beach-y tropical location or an angry sea coastline, I am always calmed by the waves lapping (or crashing) on the shore and am able to find an introspection that no other place really offers.  Maybe someday I'll find myself in a place where I can wake up to the sea everyday but for now I will absolutely relish in the opportunities I am able to visit.

Angry seas in the morning...

Giving way to a beautiful evening sunset...