Friday, August 1, 2014

Review of Stitch Fix

I’ve received several comments and questions about StitchFixI think this is worthy of a little blog post. {referral code if you're interested in trying this out for yourself (also found at the bottom of this post): 

What is Stitch Fix?
It’s an online clothing service where the customer (you) fills out a style profile including, clothing item preferences, color choices, sizing and general style.  You can also link to your other social media platforms like Pinterest boards but that is totally optional.  From there, you schedule when you would like your “fix” to arrive.  When your fix arrives, you receive 5 items, a style guide and personal note from your stylist.  It comes neatly packaged in a box complete with your receipt and return shipping envelope if there are items you are sending back.  You have three days to complete your online check out form and send back items you are not keeping.  If you keep all 5 you get a 25% discount on your order.

For me, when my fix arrives, I like to take the pieces out and review the style card.  Then, I pull various items from my own closet, like shoes, jeans, skirts, accessories that might pair well with what’s in my fix.  Then, I proceed to try them all on.  I try to do this when Mr. Pi is around so I can get him to take photos for me and give me his opinion.

Style cards

So what have a received in my three fixes?

Fix #1:

What I kept:
-Coral top. I didn’t love this at first but kept it because of the feedback from my Instagram poll and it has become a staple in both my work and weekend wardrobes.  

-Black top. I loved this top from the moment I put it on.  I’ve worn it to work as well as to a 1920’s party.  I love the back!  It's unique and a bit sexy without really feeling like you're showing a lot of skin.

-Coral capris.  I was absolutely on the fence about these but after my poll on Instagram I decided to keep them and I’m really happy I did!  They have been a really fun work piece.  

What I returned:
-The purple sweater.  It was so cozy but there was just so much material I felt like I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it.

-Gold necklace, not pictured.  This piece sat funny against my collar bone and I just didn’t feel like I needed another necklace.  Since then, I have asked not to be sent any jewelry.  You can update your style profile at any time…if at some point I want an accessory to show up in my fix, I’ll go back in and add it but for now, I’m good.

Fix #2:

Sadly, no one was around to take my photo so this is all I have plus the style guide (see below).

What I kept:
-Red top. I don’t own a lot of red. It is bold piece but in the end I’m glad I kept it.  Here are a two ways I’ve worn it!

What I returned:
Everything else.  This fix had several items that just weren’t my style, a bit to hipster/edgy.  I conveyed these messages in my comments back to my stylist and did some updating of my style profile.  

While I may not have kept much from this fix what is shocking about this fix is in there, if you can see from the photo of the style guide, was a pair of pants.  Now, if you’re anything like me, I usually take in like 7 pairs of pants into a dressing room and it is a crapshoot on whether ANY of them will fit.  These babies…fit like a glove, they were perfect.  I just didn’t think I would wear black jeans, again, not really my style but I was blown away that a stranger could pick out pants that fit me so well.

Fix #3:

What I kept--EVERYTHING.
-Maxi Skirt.  Again, I adore maxi skirts and don’t have one in anything close to this color.  This item was a little pricey for my liking, which I wrote in my feedback, but knowing how much wear I’ll get out of it, it was worth it to me. I've already worn this item a couple of times!

-Maxi Dress.  I loved this the moment I put it on and knew I’d be keeping it.  In fact, I wore the next day to a casual Friday and also out to dinner!  It is a perfect fit. (I also received a maxi in my last fix but it was a bit too roomy, my stylist sized down for this one and it fits perfectly.)

k, you can't really see it but this is a fun picture of Mr. Pi and I for birthday beers and dinner

-Pink top.  I was skeptical about this top at first but I switched bras and tried it on with the maxi skirt (which my style guide suggested) as well as a pair of my fave jeans.  It grew on me the more I wore it and decided to keep it after my Instagram poll.  Again, I've already worn this item a couple of times as well!

-Short dress.  I can’t wait to wear this to dinner or to work.  I loved it the moment I put it on.  It fits well, isn’t too short and the colors are fun, not too bold or too boring.  Now that I'm back in the boot for my jammed toe (or whatever the injury is), I'll probably hold off on wearing this item; I'm trying to stick with outfits that hide the boot as much as I can.  Also, I wear a running shoe on the other foot for stability and to try to even out the height difference with the boot.

-Jean jacket (not pictured).  I was planning to return this item only b/c I already have a jean jacket that is almost identical to the one that I was sent.  However, with the 25% buy all discount it was cheaper for me to actually purchase all 5 items rather than return the jacket, which was one of the lowest priced items in the fix.  All in all, another jean jacket, slightly more fitted could totally come in handy.

The verdict on Stitch Fix--it's a great service and I highly recommend it.  I’m not ready for monthly fixes or anything but once a quarter or so it is a fun way to spice up my wardrobe!  My advice to new fixers, be specific in your style profile, create a Pinterest page of your favorite looks, set a realistic budget in your profile and give good feedback on each fix.

Here is a referral code if you’re interested, use it, I get credit in my account if you do, wink wink: