Thursday, August 7, 2014

Big Sky & Wide Open Spaces

I never really thought of myself as a country/mountain girl, I've always been more of city/ocean girl. However, spending a week in Montana with my husband’s family I may have discovered some country roots. Growing up in CA, my dad, grandma and I would travel once a summer up to Montana to visit my aunt. As a kid, I remember the long hikes, the big mountains, wildlife, picking berries and the bugs (oh the bugs!). When my husband’s family picked Montana (very near where I would go as a kid) I knew it would be a trip down memory lane.  And it definitely has been.

Montana is a beautiful state with lots of wide open spaces, they don’t call it Big Sky country for nothing.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do much in the way of hiking but I’ve been able to do a lot of mountain viewing and some hobbling around. Remember that jammed toe, well, the X-rays were inconclusive on a 4th metatarsal break so they booted me up and gave me back my crutches--full non-weight bearing protocol.  I was diligent with the crutches for about a week and have been taking it easy in MT but it doesn't hurt to walk in the boot (as long as I'm not going very far) so I have semi ditched the crutches (shhhh don't tell the doc).  Despite not being as mobile as I'd like, I've still been able to enjoy some amazing views.  Also, given my type-A, super scheduled self, this is probably a good break for my body and mind.  It's tough going but if my year last year taught me anything it taught me that I can overcome an injury and come back just as strong or stronger.

Wide open spaces in Big Sky Country:

Going to the sun road, Glacier Nat'l Park

Going to the sun road, Glacier Nat'l Park

Going to the sun road, Glacier Nat'l Park (Mr. Pi and his brother taking photos)

Going to the sun road, Glacier Nat'l Park (my sister in law at an overlook)

Morning coffee from Montana Coffee Roasting Co. from outside our rental house

Top of Big Mountain (or Whitefish was big mountain when I was there as a kid so it was hard to call it Whitefish Mountain)

Mini walk up top (I took the chair lift up)

Not a bad view...the boot gets around (Top of Big Mountain)

Mr. Pi running UP big mountain (look closely he is there)

Sunset from the rental house

Panorama from the backyard of the rental

Great Northern Brewing, Whitefish, MT