Thursday, July 24, 2014

2014 Freedom 5k and an update

Why yes, you're hearing from me again so soon...considering you haven't heard from me much lately this is probably a new record.

2014 Freedom 5k--Race Report.  Jen and I did this race in 2012 when she was pregnant the first time so when she asked me to run this again while expecting baby #2 I said SURE!  Running with a pregnant lady is super fun b/c you hear “you go girl” and “wow look at her” through the whole race AND while I know they aren’t talking about me, it’s still a fun atmosphere.  Anyway, when I asked Coach Jen about it she wanted me to RACE it.  

Honestly, from the get go I wasn’t that set on racing this race, I wanted to run with Jen.  The night before I had eaten something that didn’t agree with me so I started off race morning not really feeling ready to run fast however, I lined up toward the front and told Jen that if I wasn’t feeling it I would pull over to the side, find her and continue to run with her.  

I went pretty balls out mile 1 and ended up running close to an 8 min flat.  I started to feel sick, more so than I already did at the start line from the food the night before, I walked a bit and tried to run again, ugh.  At this point, I just wasn’t into it so I was slow jogging some walking and finally I pulled over to wait for Jen.  Of course, being the amazing athlete that she is, I didn’t wait long and jumped in to run with her.  She ended up feeling and doing great, I finished a few seconds behind her--yup, my badass pregnant friend beat me!  PR streak for the year over (though, I would like to point out I've already PR'd the 5k, twice) but what's so great about this race is my "bad" 5k is a 9 something avg and under 30 minutes.  

I wouldn't have had this race any other way.  Watching my amazingly athletic pregnant friend in a race is just f'ing inspiring! This girl will always be IronJen to me!



Onto a life update.  Training is going really great, Coach Jen Harrison is amazing.  She is pushing me well out of my comfort zone and things are really paying off.  I feel strong physically and mentally.  I’m gaining confidence and, when I can get my head in the game, it is showing.  

I am also loving sharing my love for the sport of triathlon with friends just getting into it.  Hello introducing my good friend to her FIRST brick workout.  LOVE.

Hour ride/15 min run--BOOM

I am really looking forward to giving back to the sport more as the years go on because really, what’s not to love about triathlon?!  I've already gotten involved with the USAT Board here in the NW and am looking for other opportunities in the future to give back.

In addition to training and racing, the Pi's have celebrated an anniversary in SF and spent a few days in a floating home on Shasta Lake. 

Shasta Lake

Anniversary game at AT&T Park--GO GIANTS

On the drive back we stopped to get in a run. 

Life continues to throw me a curve ball here and there, trying to figure out what I, and a few others, are affectionately calling our "third-life" crisis's.  I cut out a silly quote the other day from a Starbucks cup holder that about sums it up: