Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Three months with Coach Jen Harrison

In the last three months with Jen I’ve learned a lot (I started on January 15 so I’m calling it close enough to three months).  I bought paddles for the first time since HS!  I learned (am learning is probably more appropriate) how to swim with a band (let’s just say it is HARD and makes you feel like you have excessive junk in the trunk, if you know what I mean).  I can sustain over 100 RPM on the bike for at least 5 minutes (last year I think I maxed at 95 or so).  I’ve PR’d 3 running races and am feeling stronger than ever out on the roads.

I am seeing performance gains and maintaining a high level of confidence in myself (for the most part).  I’m still learning to stay mentally strong!  I often reference my own TTT on mentaltraining.  Jen likes to post things in TP like “ask yourself why not?”  This is resonating with me.   Seriously, why not?  I sometimes struggle with grasping this concept, I certainly can let my mind be full of excuses as to why “I can’t.”  BUT I’m working on it.  As Olympian Barb Lindquist would say, build up the tools in the tool box and on race day (or a training session) you’ll be able to pull out the perfect tool for the situation.

Aside from race reports, I’ve been a bit vague about numbers, not really intentionally just I’ve found other things to write about and haven’t really felt the need to always include paces, distance, yards etc.  However, as one that likes to look back at these posts as a reminder of where I’ve been and where I want to go, here are some numbers.

Since January 1, 2014...
-I have PR’d three running races.  My 5k PR went from 29:29 (set in 2002) to 28:20 on 1/4/14 to 27:05 on 3/9/14.  I PR’d my one and only standalone 10k on 3/15/14 in a time of 57:55.  I’m learning my zones, learning to let go of my ego for easy runs and have been pleasantly surprised by the T-runs I’ve executed.  My mileage has been quality over quantity which is right where I need to be.

Snowy T-run (first brick of the season)

Typical running in PDX 9 months of the year--wet, sometimes wild.  That day was particularly windy.

Getting in some quality intervals while on the road for work.  Even if I hadn't had intervals on the plan, I'm learning that the local HS track is a great and safe place to run while traveling in an unfamiliar location--especially for pre-dawn workouts.

-On my first outdoor training ride since IMAZ, I averaged 16 MPH for 2 hours in Zone 2, including a stint of 17+ (nevermind that I was drafting behind Page).  The trainer is still my friend and is teaching me how to suffer in a controlled environment.

Enough time had passed between the hours I logged on those roads over the summer/fall to where I thoroughly enjoyed my time on those roads again.

Trainer love

Sweaty selfie

-I’ve swum 58,525 yards (or 33.25 miles).  While I’ve struggled a little with motivation to actually get in the pool, once I’m there I’m happy.  Jen has pushed my comfort zone was a few weeks of over 8000 yards and is keeping swimming fun.

Felt like swimming on that day watching poor Mr. Pi run a REALLY HARD 50k in the pouring rain.  Way to go DEAR!

-I am maintaining a strong core and continuing to strengthen my hips, glutes and power muscles. 

{Insert fun pictures here. Hehe.}

This doesn’t show up on Training Peaks but I am also thoroughly enjoying coaching athletes of my own!  My athletes are working hard and seeing positive results—it’s fun to watch!

And, I think most importantly, I’m having fun!

Smith Rock family hike

Top o' the world

Running with friends...the best way to socialize IMO