Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TTT: A New Twist on Track Session

Training Tips Tuesday is going to be focused on running today, specifically that soft surface circle called the track. Some of us love the track, some of us are scared of the track, some of us have never set foot on the track.  Below is a fun twist on going to the track that I think can fit into the routine of any runner or triathlete, I posted this awhile back but I’m posting it again since I think it is a super fun twist on a track session.  I originally got the idea from another running blogger out there, she doesn't actually blog anymore but she still RUNS, if you're reading this K, thanks girl!

Workout Part I:
Warmup- 1 mile easy or 10-15 minutes of easy running
3 x 10 pushups
400 m
3 x 10 tricep dips
2 x 15 walking lunges
400 m
100 crunches/bicycle crunches/leg raises or a combo thereof
400 m
3 x 30-60 sec plank
400 m
(total run distance in part I: 2.25 mi)

400m easy jog/walk or 5 minutes of complete rest before Part II of workout

Workout Part II:
1600m (@ tempo pace) - OR – 2x 800m (@ 5k pace)
4 x 400 (:45 RI
Cooldown- 1 mile easy
(total run distance in part II: 3 miles)

The great thing about this workout is you can completely change it up every week.  You can add or subtract to part I and with part II you can easily change up the actual speedwork.

For the beginners here is a key on how to read this workout:
400m = 1 lap of the track/.25 mile
800m = 2 laps of the track/.5 mile
1200m = 3 laps of the track/.75 mile
1600m = 4 laps of the track/1 mile

RI = rest interval