Friday, March 7, 2014

Race Report: Bands on the Run 5K: NEW PR

So, I entered a race last weekend kinda last minute, the weather was atrocious (35 and pouring) BUT I came, I ran, I PR'd and I came in 4th OA (out of maybe 30 people and several teenagers but that's beside the point).

On the schedule for the day was a run TT.  I already completed my bike and swim TT's--both of which were HARD.  10x100 with 10 sec rest and a 20 min all out on the bike---whew!  Last was my run TT.  Coach Jen encouraged me to find a race and to "learn my new suffering."  Enter Bands on the Run 5k.

When I showed up on race morning, I figured the weather would scare away a few people but not knowing how big of a race it was going to be without the weather, I was imagining maybe 100 people.  Imagine my surprise as I'm walking around and I see maybe 30.  Eeek small race.

Right away I spotted my competition.  Teenage girl and what I think is her teenage brother...the only two really "warming" up...and a woman, likely in my age group wearing capris and a tank top (in cold wet weather, you know you have to run fast to stay warm in that outfit).  So we lined up at the start line and I was hoping to keep those 3 in my sights.  

The countdown goes and I find myself running alone, in front.  What, this has NEVER happened to me before EVER.  So I am going along and about 1/4 mile in the teenager passes me, whew, at least I'll have someone to follow now.  About mile 1, capris lady passes me.  Totally fine.  I am running  hard and trying to avoid massive puddles.  Somewhere teenage boy passes me but this time I'm annoyed that he is passing me so I speed up and try to hang right behind him.

There were a lot of out/backs and turns so I was able to assess where the rest of the field was as I sat in 4th...way behind me so it was going to be a race for 3rd, as there was no way I could catch 1 or 2.  

On our way back toward the start, I start to feel everything burn.  My lungs, my legs.  Up to now I hadn't looked at my watch but I glance down and see that I have roughly 1/3 of a mile left.  I speed up.  Mr. red sweatshirt teenage boy hears me coming and turns on his boosters, which at probably half my age are faster than mine.  He wins 3rd.  

However, I come up and around to the finish completely SHOCKED that I have come in 4th OA.  I flip my watch screen and I'm greeted with complete surprise when I see a MASSIVE PR.  Remember, not too long ago, I PR'd at the NewYearathon in January, a PR that hadn't seen a change since 2002.  Now here I am a couple months later and I'm PR'ing my 5k again...and again by over a minute.

New PR: 27:05 (and, the course was spot on accurate, distance-wise so this is a TRUE PR)

If you had told me a few months ago, I'd PR my 5k twice in the first quarter of 2014, I would have said you were crazy.  Next time, sub-27!  But Coach, if you're reading, can we make next time awhile from now, I need to forget how much 5ks hurt before I do another one.


  1. Hey now. watch out. You'll be knocking down 22 minute 5k's before you know what happened.

  2. You are doing so well! Wow!

  3. Congratulations!!!! You are killing it!! Just imagine how strong you will be in the fall!

  4. Great job again! You are kicking so much a$$!

  5. Right on Alisa! Congratulations on that shiny new PR!!!!
    Oh boy do 5Ks really hurt... Congratulations on coming in 4th OA!

    (PS - It sounds like training with Jen is going *really* well! That is awesome!!!)