Thursday, March 20, 2014

2014 Tentative Race Schedule and Goals

It's March, you know, 3 months into the new year, probably a good time to finalize my goals and races for the year--haha.  So far training with Coach Jen is going great.  She's pushing me and I am really enjoying the new challenges.  We recently had a great conversation about the season ahead and I'm feeling really good about some of the races we have picked. 

So far this year, I have run two 5k's (PR'ing them both) and a 10k (also a PR). Coach Jen keeps saying this is my year to redefine hard and redefine what suffering means to me.  Hells yeah that is DEFINITELY happening!

What does the rest of the year have in store:
I'll be running a half marathon in April (maybe May too, undecided, that's why I'm calling this a "tentative" schedule). June brings my first BIG race of the season, long course/half distance triathlon!  Also in June will bring a few shorter races yet to be determined.  July, I have tentatively put the Portland Bridge Swim on the schedule as well as maybe another shorter tri here or there. September will likely be another goal race, likely to be another long course/half distance tri! October/November a half marathon TBD and then, in December, the last BIG race of the season--MARATHON, most likely my hometown mary CIM.

My goals: 
Redefine my hard, learn how to "suffer" and...PR every distance I attempt!
I'm taking this potential and my new-found confidence/superhero attitude and throwing myself into these races.  I may not be reaching the podium this year but I sure as hell am out to chick as many dudes as I can.  For the first time I actually feel pretty competitive.  I also BELIEVE that I CAN actually compete, against myself and against others.  Not entirely sure where this drive came from or what rock it was hiding under before but I'm loving it!  I'm going to continue to learn how to suffer and I'm going to do my best to PR every distance I attempt this year, so far, I'm three for three.