Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Luckython 10k Race Report: PR

Another race of 2014, another PR and another GIANT medal for the collection.  As for the PR, it was kinda a "fake" PR since technically I've never run a standalone 10k so it was automatic.  Nonetheless I was anxious to see what I could do for a 10k.

Turns out, 10ks are HARD.  I'd say much harder than a 5k.  BUT I'm redefining my "hard" this year and kicking butt doing it. Who knew that the girl who used to be thrilled to see 11 min miles is now running 9's for a 10k and 8's for a 5k!  Going into the race I wanted to beat an hour and my pie in the sky was a 57...needless to say I am happy with that result.

As has been the case with the now, 3 uberthon races I've run, everything is well organized.  This race started was on a golf course out west of Portland proper. Mr. Pi was also running but did the 15k and another set of our friends were there running the 5k.  One of the fun things of this race is that even though we were all running different races we all started together.  The 5k was one loop, 10k two loops and 15k three loops.  Golf courses are always well maintained pieces of property and typically nice scenery, this did not disappoint.  It also helped that we got one of those freakishly nice Portland spring days.

Race started at 4:00 PM which made eating throughout the day a little weird but overall I think I chose wisely.  Breakfast was a scramble with veggies, cheese and bacon.  My late lunch was a smoothie with berries, banana, chia seeds, spinach, greek yogurt and almond milk + a handful of nuts.  By the time we got out to the golf course I wasn't hungry and I wasn't feeling full so all in all a good choice for an afternoon/evening race.

Okay onto the race.  I wasn't sure how to pace for this distance!  In a 5k my good friend Jen told me at the beginning of the year to: start off hard, try to hang on and don't throw up.  So that has been my mantra for 5ks.  With a 10k, geez, I just hadn't a clue.  I went in with the goal of wanting to break an hour which meant I needed to run faster than a 9:40 avg.

Mile 1- 8:38 (whooooooaaaaaa, slow down that's 5k pacing)
Mile 2 - 8:56 (still probably too fast but didn't cause terrible pain)
Mile 3 - 9:18 (much better and totally sustainable)
Mile 4 - 9:19 (see sustainable)
Mile 5 - 9:21 (still sustainable)
Mile 6- 10:02 (I died at the end, oops)
last .26 per garmin (8:37)

Total time: 57:55

Definitely under an hour which was amazing!  My first 3 miles/5k would have come in at 26:52 (ish) which ahem, is FASTER than my 5k from a couple of weeks ago which was 27:05, so lesson learned there...can't pace a 10k off your 5k PR-ha.  According to the official results they have me listed at 1:00:22 however, Jen suggested I email them to inquire.  While I don't really care b/c I KNOW what I ran, I emailed anyway and got a very prompt response back that said they found a photo of me at the start (2:25 into the race) and that they would update the results to reflect my correct time--wow, that's customer service.  I checked this morning and they aren't fixed yet but I'm sure they will be.  Heck, they even sent me the photo!

{Uberthons, if you're reading, thanks for great race organization and prompt customer service (my husband also changed his race distance the day before the race and it wasn't a problem which was a nice and customer-service driven touch). Thanks!}

All in all a great race to test my fitness and while it may sound totally silly, I couldn't be more proud of myself and what I've done in the three races of 2014 so far.  I've PR'd my 5k TWICE, Jan and March and now I ran a 10k faster than I probably had EVER in my life.  Coach Jen is doing exactly what I had hoped she would do---she's taking my potential and molding it into reality!