Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter: The Snowlandia Edition

Of course I HAD to do this post mostly b/c just a few posts ago, I said Portland doesn't get snow days!  Ha! 

Needless to say, we went from a light dusting to enough snow that I even called it a legit snow storm.  Having lived in Boston for a few years, I've dealt with snow but here in Portland, where it doesn't snow that often, as soon as the roads were covered it became chaos.  I left work on Thursday afternoon maybe 3-ish and my 4 mile commute took well over an hour with people generally just being stupid right and left.  Not to mention the really retarded bike commuters...mountain bikes maybe but you dumb ass bikers on your skinny tires just get off your bike and walk.  However, I did see a guy on a bike wearing a red cape and ski googles and I really wish I hadn't been driving so I could take a photo for you all, it was pretty comical and the definition of "keeping portland weird" (aka the reason I would like to move, weird = annoying and in some cases stupid, he also WASN'T wearing a helmet!).

Anyway, as the snow piled up on Thursday night and into Friday AND Saturday, I wasn't sure what the heck I was going to do about my first brick of the season.  I know I know, first world triathlete problems. 

Saturday morning I woke up to my pain cave window looking like this:

Clearly, my QR and I would NOT be going outside so I suited up for an indoor 1:45 on the trainer and watched the snow continue to fall outside.  

At 1:45 I got off the bike, did a complete change/bundle up, strapped on my yak trax and went for my short 25 min T-run. 

It was slow going but actually a really cool experience.  The streets were silent and once I moved into the middle of the road, running on packed snow wasn't too bad.  25 minutes later I was back home and happy that I was dedicated enough to get out there! 

Today's long run, well, that's not looking good.  Sometime late afternoon yesterday, we got an ice storm.  Now snow I'm familiar with but ice, this is a completely different story!  When your windows look like these, no that's not a "frosted" tint:

Your porch is a skating rink with a sheet of ice covering everything!

AND, your city is sending you an emergency text message telling you stay inside.

(yes, I was trolling spotify for a playlist!)

It's not likely a run is going to happen.

We are supposed to get a gradual melting by tomorrow afternoon and then, flood warnings as we are in for "heavy rain" through next weekend.  As much as I loathe the rain, at least I'll be able to get to the pool!  Ha, first world triathlete problems cropping up again.

If you're a local, stay warm and safe today.  If you're not a local and you live somewhere that gets regular snow/ice I'm sure you're laughing at us out west AND if you live in SoCal or FL--just wait til July and the tides will turn, well, more so for FL, SoCal is pretty much always just fantastic in the weather department.

What do you do to get in your workouts during bad weather?