Thursday, February 13, 2014

Introducing Coach Jen Harrison

It’s been a few weeks since I started working with Jen Harrison.  As most of you know, I won her Pay-It-Forward challenge, which I still can’t believe.  I continue to pinch myself and am so grateful for this opportunity.

So great.  My schedule is still pretty manageable in terms of hours but she’s added in some different workouts (hello swimming with paddles, lunges mid-spin and some crazy hard corework).  My whole body feels good and her philosophy really meshes well with mine.  

I want to work hard and see results but I don’t always want to be tied to my watch and let’s face it, this isn’t my job (sorry honey, I know sometimes I make it seem like it is).  Jen likes swimming "old school" which is what we've started calling swimming without the Garmin.  And, I'm getting VERY FAMILIAR with paddles and band swimming.  If you're learning how to do these techniques and you don't have a coach to explain it (or even if you do and you want a visual) YouTube is your friend.  Here is a good one on band swimming.

She appreciates it when you are running by feel for strides.  She believes in teaching her athletes what it means to run a tempo pace or a spin up without having your eyes glued to your Garmin.  I love this.  While I love data I often get way tooooo caught up in whatever the Garmin is telling me.  I’m learning what it feels like to run a moderately fast pace vs easy vs a stride. For example, I didn't even use the Garmin to pace for my T-run in the snow, I just went out for 25 minutes EZ.

I'm also still seeing a LOT of the pain cave in the form of trainer rides and strength workouts so more sweaty selfies coming at ya!  

I have no doubt with Jen in my corner this year that I will achieve all sorts of amazing athletic feats.  We are still getting to know each other but so far Jen is exactly what I needed this year and I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with her.  We just recently had an exchange about races in 2014, still nailing down the specifics and once I have a list I'll share!