Monday, January 27, 2014

Road Trippin'

As some of you may have seen on Instagram that Mr. Pi and I were all dressed up over the weekend.  We spent the weekend in California celebrating with Mr. Pi’s family and his mom’s wedding.  She looked radiant and married just such a nice man.  It was fun to get all dressed up as well, not that often I’m in a dress, heels and have my hair and makeup done.  Also, let me pause on the weather for a moment, holy smokes it was amazing, sunny and upper 70’s in January I will take it.  I realize CA is prepping for a severe drought situation so I do hope they get some rain soon but during any of my upcoming trips I hope I have another spectacular weekend of weather. (To be fair to Portland, it was actually sunny there too I heard BUT it wasn’t nearly 78 degrees so I still think CA wins this one.)

Having fun with photos:

Looking Silly:

My Family:

Left to right: My step dad, my mom, me, my dad and my soon-to-be step mom

Me and my mom

Me and Dad

On the way back of our very short trip south we stopped in Ashland at Caldera Brewing.  For Christmas 2012 I gave Mr. Pi a spreadsheet with all of the breweries in Portland and our goal was to go to them all and rate them.  We succeeded, 2012 we hit all the breweries in the Portland area that had reasonable tasting room hours.  In 2013, I went a step further and created a map and accompanying spreadsheet of all the breweries in the state and there are a lot.  To help us start checking them off the list, we decided to take a stop for lunch at Caldera in Ashland.  The beer = excellent, the food = excellent,  and a new rating, good place to stop to break up a long drive = excellent/fair. Why the double rating?  Well, it was an excellent place to stop but man oh man, the beer was tasty.  This is saying a lot.  I’m not a huge beer drinker (I’m usually the DD) but all 5 on the sampler tray we got were delicious and there were several more on tap that we wanted to try but restrained ourselves.  Moral of this story, if you’re in the Ashland area take a break at Caldera.

On days when we don’t have to be back in Portland or don’t have a specific time we need to be in CA, I foresee us taking these kind of breaks.  We have always talked about stopping for a run mid-drive but never have but we continue to talk about it.

What do you do to break up a long drive?   Are you regularly found in spandex or dresses?