Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year New PR: New Yearathon 5k RR

Today, Mr. Pi and I started the New Year with the Uberthons New Yearathon 5k--PRs all around and a podium finish (had there been one) for Mr. Pi, 3rd place overall with a 19:55, damn fast he is!  

Jen and I ran an uberthons race when she was very pregnant and we both thought they put on a good race so when I found this January 5k I was pretty excited.  But let me back up the train some since I haven't mentioned much about my training since the ironman.  I waited about 2 weeks after the ironman to run but once I started back up I have consistently been running 3-4 times a week.  I haven't run more than 6 miles BUT the biggest shock has been my speed.  I haven't run anything slower than a 10:45 avg pace (except maybe that first run back).  In fact, I've been running some low 10's and even doing short tempo runs where my faster spurts are in the low 9's.  While this may not seem speedy to you, this is speedy to me!

I've also stayed consistent with trainer riding and yoga.  I've added back strength training and have been getting to the pool about once a week.  While this may seem like the same ol same ol the difference is the length of my workouts.  I haven't done anything longer than 90 minutes and that was a yoga session!  Keeping things short means I'm staying sane (aka still giving my body what it wants...SWEAT sessions) but it isn't nearly as time consuming.  More time for sweaty're all thrilled I'm sure.

New Years Day sweat session

Training recap over, back to the race.

After the ironman I wasn't sure what I'd want to focus on but I was keenly aware of the post-race blues syndrome so when I got back into regular running I thought a 5k would be perfect.  Going into the race I thought I had a chance of besting my PR but I wasn't actually that sold on it until this running over Christmas.  I had some good runs in California and was ready to commit to my PR.

My previous 5k PR was set in 2002, yes, over a decade ago.  I actually hadn't tried for a 5k PR since 2011.  I've run a few with friends or family and done some sprint tri's with 5k's at the end but I had other priorities and other goals.  Over Christmas after my few really strong runs, I knew I could best the 29:29 set at the age of 20!  A PR that came before so many things in my life---before college graduation, before meeting Mr. Pi, before triathlon, before taking on endurance sports--however, the 5ks I ran in college were all run with a very important person by my side, my Dad.  Dad doesn't do much running anymore but he is always still by my side and his ab routine which I did over Christmas makes my belly ache for days.  I digress...back to the race.

My goals for this race...I had a few.
Break 30 minutes
New PR
Break 29 minutes
And, the A+ goal was to break 28 minutes

I came 20 seconds shy of my A+ goal and landed with a new PR of 28:20!  I will take it. 

In the days leading up to the race Jen gave me some good advice, as she always does, about short course racing...go hard, hang on, don't throw up.  Mission accomplished. I also may now understand a little bit of why people are always saying that 5ks lungs were burning at the end, way more so than during any long distance event.

It was a great way to start the new year.  Uberthons puts on a great race and this 5k even came with a GIGANTIC medal!  It's bigger than my ironman medal.  I love the saying on the front "It's my year"--it sure is!

In the coming weeks I'll be reviewing my race goals for the year, gathering my thoughts, prioritizing what I'd like to accomplish this year and possibly hitting the register button a few times.  I'm definitely excited about the potential for the year and there is no better time to kick off brainstorming about goals than with a fresh new PR under my belt!