Friday, December 6, 2013

Teeter Totter

Well, hello there.  So, the holidays are here in full force and anyone that knows me knows I do love some cheesy holiday music /movies coupled with the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree.  

Mr. Pi definitely did more of the lumber jacking but I helped!

 My favorite holiday has already passed, Thanksgiving, duh!  But I’m looking forward to Christmas and the holiday season in general.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m kind of in a weird place right now.  I feel like I’m a teeter totter emotionally.  On the one hand, I’m still completely riding the race high from Nov. 17th and all that came along with the race; and, on the other hand, I’m feeling kind of lost—I wouldn’t say it’s post-race blues per se but rather just a feeling of aimless wandering and for a person that thrives on structure this is an odd feeling.  Maybe this is my version of the post-race blues, who knows.  I thought the holidays would offer a great distraction from training and the race but it hasn’t really, at least, not yet.

On the race high front, I think about that day and the year a lot and every time I do, I can’t help but smile and think about the badassery.  I also keep going back to the thing that Mike Reilly said on race morning mere seconds before the cannon, “There will be things you can’t control but the one thing you can control is your attitude.”  And, I think I do have a new attitude (oooo, ooo, ooo, I have a new attitude—anyone else now have that song stuck in your head?  Your welcome!).  I am really enjoying my newfound confidence and positivity.  It really is true that positivity breeds positivity.  Try it during your next trip to the office kitchen or to Starbucks—if you smile and have a cheery attitude toward your co-worker or stranger, they can’t help but to also smile and be cheery (or at the very least pleasant) back to you.  Anyone ever heard of those random acts of kindness?  Like people paying of the drink for the person in line behind them at Starbucks or placing a bouquet of flowers or a gift card on a random car in the parking lot?  I think I might try this sometime this month.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

So, on the other side of the teeter totter.  It’s not that I feel depressed or even sad, just, lost.  I miss the training (maybe not all the time and I certainly don’t miss having to ride for 5+ hours, though I could totally go for a 2-3 hour ride) but I miss the structure of knowing a good sweatfest is only hours away on any given day.  That’s not to say I haven’t been working out, I have, but not in the same way and for a good reason.  I do believe the body deserves and needs recovery; it’s just weird to have weeks of recovery instead of a day or two.  Maybe my feeling of being lost or wanting some structure means I’m ready to start seriously thinking about my own goals for 2014.  I’ve really enjoyed and been inspired by those that have contacted me about coaching, so many great goals out there for next year and I’m looking forward to being involved in helping others reach their goals for 2014.  For my own 2014, I have thought about it but am still not sure what the year has in store for me yet.  I know it won’t include another 140.6, although I really want it to (Cedar Point!) but I also know that wouldn’t be fair…to Mr. Pi, to my body, to our budget, etc.  But I think I am ready to start thinking about 2014 more seriously and I’m ready to set some ambitious (but realistic) goals for myself!

Do you have 2014 already planned out?  Have you ever experience post-race blues?  If so, what’s the secret sauce for overcoming it?

Happy Holidays!