Monday, December 2, 2013

Let's Talk Goals and Goal Setting

Welcome back from the holiday weekend those of you stateside!  Who is ready to start planning (or even fine tuning) their 2014 plans? Now that my BIG race of the year is over, I am ready to start thinking about next year.  I've actually been thinking about next year for quite some time but probably not in the way you think. Sure I've thought about races for next year, I'll get to that in a later post but this post really has way more to do with YOU than it does me.  Some of you close to me know that I have been thinking about this post for several weeks and I'm finally ready to lay it all out there. year for me could involve YOU and YOUR goals for next year.

In the last few months I've been thinking a lot about "what I want to be when I grow up." Yes, I'm in my early 30's and technically "grown" but I believe in being a dreamer and always thinking about how to pursue your aspirations.  Heck, I didn't call this blog ambitious aspirations for nothing!  Something I really value is supporting my friends and family in their pursuits, whether that be athletic or otherwise.  I really thrive on seeing people reach their goals.  

With that said, I'm looking to pursue my USAT Level I coaching certification in 2014.  They even have a clinic in Portland next year!  As part of the application process you are to submit a coaching resume and explain your history of coaching.  This is a little bit of a catch 22 right?  You're applying for a coaching certification so you can coach but in order to be accepted you need to have coaching experience.  Well, I do have SOME coaching experience already.  I've helped my sister in law achieve a 30 minute PR in her half marathon by writing her a training plan and helping her along.  I've worked with local friends on swimming technique.  I've reviewed a few friends' training plans and offered my comments. I host a family "boot camp" over the holidays and on our family vacations.  But now I'm looking to expand and I'm looking to help YOU!  

I am looking to offer guidance to anyone out there wanting a second opinion on a training they have built themselves or found online--FOR FREE.  I'm willing to write a training plan or offer tips.  I can help with swim technique and open water anxiety (even remotely).  I did a lot of weight training in college as part of my water polo program and through my physical therapy lessons this year I've been educated on the big triathlete weaknesses; so identifying strength training options is also something I can help with.  I'm well versed in riding the trainer so if you're looking for some winter cycling routines, hit me up!

As you know, I've also come back from major injuries this year so I know how to build back through a slow and effective ramp up back to sport.  Obviously, I'm not a certified coach (YET) so I'm calling this "guidance" and not coaching.  Also since I'm not certified, you get all of my attention and opinions for FREE. Not a triathlete, no problem.  I can help with single sport plans or general fitness too.

I'm excited to embark on this new adventure and I hope that some of you will take advantage, if for nothing else, just to have a second opinion on your training plan or someone to help keep you accountable to your goals--I know those are two things I always like to have.  Readers of this blog know that I'm no speed demon BUT I did have a kick ass 140.6 distance race and I ABSOLUTELY KNOW what it takes to be a dedicated athlete working to achieve YOUR personal best and for some of you, I have no doubt a podium is in your future.  My "guidance/coaching" philosophy is two fold: 1) set challenging but realistic goals; and, 2) train body smart.  I think #1 is pretty self explanatory but I think it is really important to challenge your body and mind but in a way that will set you up for a successful outcome.  #2, what the heck does body smart mean?  It means, using your head and your heart to become more in-tune with how your body is feeling on any given day.  Triathlons, and any sport, require you to walk the fine line between getting in the training to complete your event and overtraining, risking injury.  By becoming more self aware, you'll be able to help me guide your journey in a more effective and efficient manner (there is a bit of a help me to help you thing going on).

If you are interested, or someone you know might be interested, please email me: Don't fret if you're not local to Portland, I am happy to work with you through this lovely thing called the internet or via phone.  You can also find me on twitter: @dunlapa or on Facebook: Alisa Houghton Dunlap.  To look through pics of my own training, I'm also on instagram: dunlapam0723

Let's start planning your 2014 season together!