Monday, December 16, 2013

Commitment and Coaching

I have started and stopped this post many times in my head but haven’t been able to commit to writing anything lately.  I’m still feeling a bit lost and I’m ready to get back into a regular routine but am having trouble actually doing it.   It’s totally weirding me out.  I think now that my hubs is signed up for a race in 2014 and will be starting training soon it’ll be easier for me to be in a routine too—maybe.  Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying exercising when I feel like it but I’m ready for some structure and something to be motivated about again but not necessarily being a chronic cardio-ite.  I’m also nervous about throwing out big goals for 2014 just yet.  While I think I gained some major confidence and a new, more positive, attitude this year, I’m still me and am still a little bit hung up on “being slow or fat or …”  I KNOW that I am not actually those things but sometimes old habits die hard.  So, I’m being honest and trying to kick my own butt when those thoughts come back into my head.  When they do, I remind myself that I’m pretty badass– ha!  In fact, to toot my own horn for a moment, just last week I was featured on the Clot Buster blog as the December Athlete of the Month AND I was announced as a returning team member on the Rev3 Age Group team!

One thing I’m absolutely excited about is working with some of my own athletes this year.  I’m currently working with 5 folks, all with very different goals and coming from very different places.  I can’t wait for all of them to get rolling on their training plans and to provide me feedback including some constructive criticism.  Thus far, the only people I’ve really ever provided training plans to were close friends or family members—I think strangers may have easier time telling me what’s up!  So far, I love everything about working on creating these training plans—from reading through the athlete questionnaires, to sitting down and thinking through an overview for each person, to actually writing a few weeks for each person!  While I’m doing this pro-bono this year, I can also see why good coaches cost some buckaroos.  It takes a lot of time to create athlete-specific training plans and to provide value to your athletes.  To all the coaches out there, most especially Miss Laura, thank you for all the time and energy you put into your athletes.  I’m excited to see how this progresses throughout the year and fingers crossed I’ll get into the Level I Clinic and next year can start up a small side business for myself doing something I know I already love!