Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In the Bank

Training, that is.  I am officially tapering.  Last weekend I did my final hard workouts and I felt freakin’ fantastic!

Friday, I took a half day off of work to put in time at what my co-workers have called my “part-time job.”  {4000 yard swim, 2 hour ride, 1 hour run}  None of these workouts were particularly hard but strung together it makes for a long afternoon.  BUT I got to ride OUTSIDE, hooray!  There was construction set up where I went to do my repeats so my 6 mile repeats became like 2.5 mile repeats which meant I had to do A LOT more of them.  But I didn’t mind too much, it was a nice afternoon.  Chilly but it wasn’t raining.  On the way back to the house, I did manage to pull a complete rookie…I couldn’t get upclipped and toppled over at a stop sign.  Seriously?!?!  How many miles have I ridden my bike this year?  Anyway, mostly unscalded…a bruise on my butt and my knee but mostly a bruised ego.  The run!  My legs surprisingly felt pretty fresh, I guess they should as I only rode 2 hours.  Took a nice jaunt around the neighborhood and ended with an 11:08 avg pace.

Saturday was my first Saturday OFF in months.  However, I didn’t spend it in bed or at brunch.  I spent it spectating my wonderfully supportive and incredibly patient husband Mr. Pi.  He ran the Silver Falls marathon!  Also running that day were Page and Zach, they were running the half which started after the full.  It was fun to spectate with Jen and the infamous Chicken Face…seeing so many runners definitely got me excited!  I don’t really enjoy trail running but from what I heard the half marathon course was pretty spectactular.  Mr. Pi said that the full wasn’t all that pretty until the last 6-7 miles in which it intersected with the half course.  He said it was pretty but typical of running through Oregon forest land until the last 6-7 miles where you really got to see all the waterfalls! 

Funny side story about this park.  Way back before we lived in Oregon and before we lived in Boston, we were still in California, a friend of Mr. Pi’s got married in that same park.  The day after the wedding we went for a hike and I grabbed a water bottle from a table as we headed out.  However, when I went to take a swig from the bottle it turned out that someone had been using that bottle as their “flask” and it was full of vodka!  That was a shocker to say the least.  Remember kids, check the bottle top of a water bottle before you grab one to make sure it is still sealed otherwise you might hike through the forest with a bottle of useless vodka.

Start of the marathon

Before the half marathon with Jen and Page (oh and cutie little Penny!)

See that little dot of red, that's Mr. Pi

Really MEAN hill coming into mile 23.5

The smile of finishing a tough trail marathon 

Sunday came around, thank you weird American tradition of fall back on the clocks for that extra hour of sleep.  I got up and put on my Sunday uniform and got to work—double brick style.

DOUBLE BRICK: 1 hour ride/6.5 mi run/1 hour ride/6.5 mi run

Hello Rev3 kit and Luc the Lucero, my QR

My goals for the workout were to push it a little harder and try to simulate more of a race effort.  So, bike #1 I aimed to keep my cadence at 90 or above and for run #1 I was aiming for 11’s.  The bike went great, my legs felt good and I spun high cadence for the whole hour.  When I hit the road to run I decided to base my pace off effort and check in with HR and pace only when my Garmin hit the mile markers.  Off I went feeling pretty darn good! Mile 1 10:45, Mile 2 10:50…things were looking good!  At mile 4 I have to go up a big hill near Reed College, my goal was to run the whole hill and hopefully keep the mile under 12 minutes…Mile 4 11:45!  Also, I’ve never actually run up the entire hill before, I typically walk the last really steep part.  I was probably running about the same pace as my walking pace but I was RUNNING!  The last couple of miles I felt really awesome but I was getting worried that maybe I burned my matches too early…6.5 miles/10:55 avg pace.

My goal for bike #2 was to ride strong and vary my position on the bike every 10ish minutes.  I was going to allow myself a lower cadence for 5 minutes and then build into 90+.  It took more like 10 minutes for me to get back up to comfortably riding 90+ but I got there!  Bike #2 ended strong but I was kinda dreading run #2 thinking it was going to be a slog fest.  I decided to accurately compare my two runs I would run the same route as Run #1.  My goal was to stay within 30 seconds of my avg pace from my first run.  Mile 1 10:55 (oy this is going to be harder than last time), Mile 2 10:48 (hmm, maybe I’m getting my running legs after all).  Again, things were looking good.  I hit the hill at mile 4 and again my goals were run the whole hill and stay under 12 minutes…Mile 4 12:10.  Not quite there but close!  As I ran home, I actually at one point teared up a little.  It sounds totally silly but I was thinking about how far I’ve come in this training cycle and what my body is capable of and it made me a little teary. 6.5 miles/11:03 avg pace (within 10 seconds of my first runs average).

And, with that time in the training bank, my hard workouts are over, it’s basically all maintenance from here on out.  I have been thinking a lot about race day and after talking to my coach she basically has said you’ve put in the work focus on that and not on the things out of your control.  I think that’s really a true statement.  I HAVE done the training.  I AM in amazing shape probably the best of my life.  There isn’t anything else I can do to make myself more prepared other than to stay positive, excessively wash my hands (and stay away from sick people, LOL), get rest, feed my body and reflect...oh and start packing...

Guest room (aka Emily's room) is being taken over my sticky notes, plastic bags and a WHOLE LOTTA tri gear