Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

I love thanksgiving, it is by far my most favorite holiday.  It has all of the great things about Christmas but without all of the stresses.  This year on Thanksgiving I am giving thanks to everyone that supported my epic journey this year…this day and this post is for you.

Mr. Pi, my LOML.  Thank you for all that you put up with this year and really any year, I know I'm not always the most fun person to be around (especially after long training days).  This year you put up with my ridiculous bed times (which were worse than usual) and weekends we barely saw each other.  You supported me through my injury, emotionally and physically by driving me all around town so I didn’t have to crutch in the rain.  You understood the dedication I needed to put in to achieve my goal, even if you gave me crap about it every once in awhile =).  I appreciate your patience because we all know I don't have any! My hobby is time consuming and expensive but you rarely complain.  You have always supported my dreams and ambitions but this year went above and beyond. You always reassured me that I could do it and I think you knew I would succeed even before I did.  Thank you sweetheart—I LOVE YOU.

Dad, thank you for always being my cheerleader and the person I can vent to about anything.  While you may have “failed” to teach me patience (lol) you most certainly taught me perseverance and I am forever grateful for that trait.  Thank you for being there to watch me complete my goal race and always reassuring me that I could do it.  You have always supported my athletic pursuits and this time was no different.  Thank you most of all for being such a great example for all things in life!

Coach Laura, girl, without you and your guidance this year I would have been lost.  On May 4th when I called you in tears about my foot, you never once said, “your season is over.”  You constantly observed me and let me tell you all of my fears and hesitations.  And, at the end of it all, you were one of my biggest fans on race day!  Thank you for your leadership, your time (I know I was probably at times pretty needy), your advice and most of all your friendship.

Jen,the original badass IronJen of our group.  Thank you for listening all of the times that I cried this year and for all the times that I may have vented/complained.  Thank you for running with me and always being willing to share your experience and your knowledge.  Despite being a significantly faster runner, you have never once made me feel any less of a runner and in many ways have constantly tried to get me to see that I am in fact a runner too. Your card really said it all…you “believe in me” (cue tears) —thank you!

My Arizona Spectating Crew.  Thank you for flying out to watch me race.  It was a long weekend of schlepping to/from the race site culminating in a very long day of standing around watching sweaty bodies go by.  You really have no idea how much your cheers meant to me, even if I heard them for only a few brief seconds.  Knowing you guys were there watching  pushed me to do my best and without your support it would have been a lonely day.  Thank you!

My local supporters.   C, E, L, A, S, Z, P and A.  You know who you are and you know what role you’ve played in my journey.  All of you helped make my dream come true this year and for that I thank you!

My Rev3 team.  Thank you teammates for inspiring me to be a better athlete.  Thank you for your support during my injury and for your virtual cheers as I rehabbed myself back into shape.  I thought of all of you as I wore my big blue R on race day and channeled your speedy legs!  Robin, a most special shout out to you.  Thank you for all of your motivational texts at o'dawn thirty to help get me up and out of bed for training.  Your motivation and supportive comments really helped get me through the year, most especially during my injury rehab and throughout peak training when I was constantly tired and wondering if I was going to make it.

Other internet friends and readers of this blog, thank you guys for reading and for inspiring me to keep pursuing the next dream.  I started this blog way back as a reason to write down my training and my goals, it has morphed into a space where I have met so many wonderful friends both in person and “virtually.” I am lucky to always have a post or two sitting in my reader waiting for me.  Thank you for your inspiration and your encouragement.  Special shout outs to Mr. Carolina John, Miss IronDiva and the sweatastic duo of Emily and AJH.  

This post could have gone on and on and on, that’s how lucky of a girl I am.  I have so many people in my life to thank for so many different reasons.  On this Thanksgiving, think about those in your life that you should thank.