Monday, November 11, 2013

By the Numbers...

It's race week folks!  Thought it would be a good time for a recap of my training.

January – March:
I did a LOT of yoga and I was still rockin’ the sculpt classes and very loosely following the prep phase of my plan.

April – June:
Injury happened and I sat on the “injured reserve” bench for several weeks.  I broke my foot on May 4th, 2.5 miles into a long run and spent 4 weeks on crutches; on June 8th I was diagnosed with a DVT.  I didn’t cycle, swim or run for 4 full weeks.  I was able to swim, using the pull buoy on June 1st and swam about 1-2 times a week in the month of June.  I spun on my trainer for the first time on June 18th for just 30 minutes; I didn’t do more than 30 minutes for another 2 weeks.  On July 6th, 9 weeks after breaking my foot and 4 weeks after my DVT diagnosis, I took my first test run on the track.  I ran 30 seconds at a time and only ran for a total of maybe 5-10 minutes.

July – August:
Time was spent rehabbing my injury.  I learned how to aqua jog.  I used the elliptical and went for a lot of walks, building back time on my feet, slowly but surely.  Cycling resumed and resumed well, I had several rides over 5 hours completed by August 31st!  Running was still challenging.  My longest run between July and August was 7 miles at a 12:57 pace (during that 7 miles, I only ran stretches of .5 miles at a time, there was a lot of walking).  During the 4 days I spent house boating in August I did two long open water swims, no wetsuit.  In august I also completed my one and only “tri,” the Rev3 Maine Half Aqua Bike.

September – Present
This was all about believing in myself and walking that fine line between getting in the training and not risking another injury.  I hit some major milestones during this time, including: my first (and second) 100 mile bike ride, I ran a 20 miler and had two weeks of over 30 miles of running, as for swimming, I completed more than 5 swims of 4000 yards or more.

Average hours per week since January 1: 10.2
Number of weeks, essentially at 0 hours: 8
Number of weeks at 17 hours or more: 4 (several in the 14-16 range)
Longest Swim: 2.5 miles (5 swims of 4000 yards or more)
Longest Ride: 100.30 miles (2 rides of 100, 1 ride of 90 miles and a total of 10 rides of 5 hours or more, including two epicly LONG trainer rides)
Longest Run: 20.01 miles (5 runs of 13 miles or more)
2 Double Bricks
2 swim, bike, run workouts
1 running race (read the recap: Pumpkin Half Marathon) and 1 aqua-bike (read the recap: Rev3 Maine)

Total Miles Swum: 82.1 miles
Total Miles Cycled: 2455.56 miles
Total Miles Run: 570.89 miles
Other (strength and yoga): 70 hours, 56 minutes