Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Big Time

As in the big time training volume.  Things are getting real.  Before I talk about my own training, I must congratulate my good friends Jen, Emily and Andrew on their awesome Portland Marathon finishes.  This is the first year I wasn’t out there with a funny sign about toenails cheering on the marathoners—I missed being out there!  Instead I was getting in my own beast of a workout and celebrating with the runners post-race.

Circa Portland Marathon 2010

Last weekend was pretty magical.  The weather was finally cooperating, thank you weather gods, and I was ready for a big weekend.

Friday morning I was up early and hit the road for my long run at about 5:15 am.  I kept the pace nice and steady and monitored my heart rate to stay well within my zone.  As I wound my way through neighborhoods, it was fun to see the fall décor on porches and through the crisp air smell coffee brewing as folks were starting to wake up to start their Friday.  16 miles later I was back at my car and ready to start my day.  While I was getting ready it occurred to me, 16 miles…sheesh the last time I ran that far was training for the Goofy Challenge way back in Dec 2010.

Do I look excited? Spoiler, I wasn't =)

Saturday morning, I again rose early and got dressed in all of my new Pearl Izumi winter riding gear (thank you Dad for the birthday gift).  I met up with someone from the local tri club and off we went for 6.5 hours of riding; what a way to get to know a stranger! 100 miles later I had shed layers and was soaking up the sunshine.  I was happy to be off my bike sure, but I also didn’t feel too bad!   I took 0 photos, even though it was a beautiful day!  Just trust me.

Sunday morning as my friends were waking up to get ready to run the Portland Marathon, I was getting ready for my own workout: 45 minute swim, 1 hour bike and 1 hour run.  I said good morning and good luck to Emily as she headed with Mr. Pi to the Portland mary start line and I headed to the pool.  The swim was slow but not too terrible, the bike was fine after my legs warmed up and the run…well, it was fantastic.  I thought for sure I would be slogging through that last hour of running but as soon as I shut off my brain from the “I can’ts” and the “I’m tireds” I was running sub-11 min miles and lovin’ the perfect fall running conditions. 
Thank you sponsors for helping get me through a BIG weekend! Powerbar; Pearl Izumi; BlueSeventy and of course Team Rev3.  Not pictured: Quintana Roo! and SBR Sports

After I finished my workout I was reflecting on just how far I’ve come; self-doubt be (mostly) gone!  It is crazy to think that on May 4th I broke my foot, on June 7th I was diagnosed with a DVT and now I’m putting in over 17.5 hours of workouts in a week—with 29 miles of running, crazy!  I never thought I'd be able to come back from my injuries so strong. 

I am trying my hardest to be grateful for what I’m able to do but there are definitely moments of self-doubt.  Right now, in the next 38 days until race day, yup 38-f’ing days, I am going to take care of my body, giving it plenty of recovery time (I’m currently trying to fight off a mini cold coming on, I will not get sick, I will not get sick!) and lots of love.  Last weekend didn't have nearly enough of this...

I’m trusting my coach and my training!  38 days!