Monday, October 28, 2013

Peak Weekend #3

This week was my third and final peak weekend and centered on my peak long run.

Friday night I chased a long week and a long day that began with a high cadence spin at 5:30 am, with a 4000 straight swim (minus 3 goggle adjustments in the first 1000 yards, done while treading water in the deep end, no stopping of my watch). How do lap swimmers just swim laps?  Give me swim sets any day of the week.

Saturday, up and ate em bright and early for my key workout of the weekend---the 20 mile run.  With my injuries earlier in the year, I wasn’t even sure I’d get to 20 miles but alas, the day was here.  Mr. Pi sherpa’d me all the way out to the Vernonia end of the Banks-Vernonia (paved) trail and off I went.  I ran the first 4 miles solo staying in my strategy of run 1 mile/walk .10 and trying really hard not to start off too fast, 20 miles is a long way to run!  

At mile 4, I picked up my friend L who had driven out there with her hubby.  She and I began running along down the trail and we saw Mr. Pi who circled around and ran with us a couple of miles.  

At mile 8, I dropped off L and her husband jumped into the run with Mr. Pi and me.  The three of us started off.  The boys chatted about whiskey and scotch and I happily zoned out looking at the gorgeous fall leaves and thinking about how awesome I was feeling.  Mr. Pi left after a few miles to head back the other direction to get our car while A and I continued on.  

At nearly 17 miles, I left my support crew in a small parking lot with my water belt and headed toward the Banks end of the trail solo.  I started out listening to a podcast but turned it off after only a minute or so wanting to run the last bit unplugged without any company.  A lot went through my mind.  Mostly happy thoughts about being able to run this far but also fear that I would get that far into the run on race day and not make the cutoff.  I pushed the fear away and concentrated on all the happy thoughts---How awesome my husband and friends are for driving all that way out there and giving up part of their Saturday to support me and about how great my body was feeling.  Really, until about mile 19 I was feeling awesome.  The last mile was tough and I certainly didn’t want to think about running about 6.2 but on race day I know I can and I WILL.   Of my long runs, besides my half marathon, this was my fastest paced run and I was chipper through the whole run (I think, I hope =)), I was able to maintain a conversation and I didn’t want to die at the end! 

IF I were training for a standalone marathon I think my capability of running a PR is pretty high; for an IM marathon, who knows how long it’ll take?!?! BUT that’s a story for another day.

Sunday, I woke up feeling pretty good!  After all the workout from the day before-- 3 hour and 53 minutes-- isn’t that long anymore. LOL.  I got dressed up in my cold weather biking essentials.  I went around the neighborhood and started to get rained on!  I don’t have very good experience biking in the rain so, rather than risk potentially unsafe conditions, I rode home and put my bike on the trainer—FOR 5 HOURS!  I kept trying to remember the advice of friends—mental training, mental training.  After 5 hours of a sweat fest in my basement, I quickly changed tops and headed out the door for a quick run.  Nice and easy 2.5 mile run DONE.

Sadly no pictures of Sunday...except for the Halloween party I went to after my workout...

Not too shabby for the end of a peak week!  If you don't get the reference go here.