Sunday, October 20, 2013

Peak Weekend #2

On tap for the Saturday was 3.5 hour, given my long run pacing lately (11:00 – 12:30) I estimated that would be somewhere between 17 – 18.5 miles total for the day.  CoachLaura prescribed doing this run in two parts a longer run of 2ish hours and a shorter run of 1.5ish hours with at least 4 hours of rest in between.  The reasoning for this is two-fold: 1) limiting the amount of big miles I put on my body at a time to help keep me injury-free.  With a month to go, injury is not something I want to mess around with. 2) Mental training--knowing that the second run would be tough mentally to motivate myself to do AND it would be running on semi-tired legs—these two parts equate to excellent mental prep for the big day.

I was tooling around looking at blogs and found the RunawayPumpkin Half Marathon on RunOregon.  I quickly texted Laura to get her thoughts on splitting my run into the half marathon and then a shorter run from home later in the day.  She agreed it was a good plan so, I registered! 

Run #1 for the day…Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon.  Race report coming soon.  But it goes something like this...great weather for a half, great venue and an even paced run resulting in, dun dun dun...a new half marathon PR!  More to come in a race report.

After finishing the race, I grabbed some water, stretched out for a few minutes and drove myself a little over an hour back to Portland.  Straight to the pool.  Time for an easy warm up and a timed 2000 yards and a cool down.

Post swim I was pretty hungry so I wiped up a small snack and decided to take it easy for about an hour before going out on Run #2.

Run #2 for the day. Easy 4 miles around the neighborhood. Except nothing about this run was easy.  My legs actually felt okay BUT holy tummy distress and a weird pain in my big toe.  There was definitely some walking in this run...well, more like gunting--LOL. 

Whew, total miles for Saturday—17.  On the low end of my prediction for mileage but I'll take it.

Sunday came far too early.  Checking the forecast, I dressed in layers knowing that it would warm up in a few hours.  I met up with a tri club and fellow AZ competitor and we hit the road around 8:00 am.  Sadly, it didn't warm up for SEVERAL hours.  The morning was cold, foggy and not very pleasant.  We were both biking on tired legs so we weren't going super speedily or anything but we were moving!  About 4.5 hours later the sun was finally coming out.  However, it wasn't really warm enough to shed any layers.  I did a good job of taking in calories and drinking.  Throughout the ride there were definitely bumps in the road--both figurative and literal.  I think I'm finally starting to get sick of these long rides.  I'm also tired of always biking on tired legs.  There were moments of bliss on this ride and I'm trying to just remember those moments and forget the rest!

6 hours later and 90 miles we were back at the car and getting ready for a transition run—oh boy.  This was a big test for me.  Test for my legs, test for my foot, test for my tummy, test for my toe and most importantly, a test for my mind…

A few short minutes later, we were running.  While my legs felt tired and heavy the pace wasn't that bad!  30 minutes of running later (avg pace 11:10) I was DONE for the weekend.  Hooray!  

Put a fork in me, I am done and ready for my rest day!