Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Peak Weekend #1

Thanks for those that have asked questions, I’ll be putting together a post soon.  If you still have questions, lay em on me! (just leave a comment)

Last weekend was peak weekend number #1.  Going into the weekend I was nervous for a couple of reasons.  First, earlier in the week I was completely and utterly wiped out and afraid I was coming down with a cold.  I ended up skipping a few workouts and even coming home from work early a couple of days.  By mid-week I was feeling better but still nervous about the weekend because I was staring down what was going to be a very challenging weekend.  My foot was also bothering me a bit and I was getting nervous that it wasn’t going to hold up. (spoiler: it held up and is doing well!)

Going into the weekend, I decided that I didn’t really care when I started my workout on Saturday so I went to bed Friday night at a ridiculously early hour and was able to sleep in until 8:45! That is unheard of.  With about 12 hours of sleep under me I was ready to tackle what I am calling “the triathlon rite of passage” workout, also known as, the double brick.

I set up a transition station, which looked something like this:

I got out all my nutrition and got to work on the double brick.  It went something like this…

1 hour ride: Given the chilly conditions and chance for rain I opted to do a power hour on the trainer.  Trying to simulate race conditions I went unplugged for the majority of this ride, meaning no music, no TV.  A sweaty hour later, I got off my bike and into transition.

T1: Since I was going from warm conditions inside to chilly outside, I changed out of my sweaty top and put on something dry, grabbed my handheld water bottle, ate some nutrition, used the restroom, put the dog her crate and headed out for run #1.

1:30 run: Since my foot had been bothering me the day before I opted to run down to the local track and then finish the run on the soft surface of the track before running back home.  The track is about 1.25 miles from home so the majority of the run was done on the track…circles upon circles, no headphones.   Running for time is something I still find difficult but I managed to do a good job that day.  I had the watch on screen two which shows me heartrate and time, not distance.  So, other than the mile splits I really had no concept of how far I’d run or my pace.  As I rounded the track circle after circle, feeling no foot pain and only happy thoughts in my head, I started to think about race day and about how much I am looking forward to it (even though it still terrifies me!).  Happy thoughts, surprisingly springy legs and low Z2 heartrate brought me back to the house an hour and a half later.

T2: Let the dog out, use the restroom, change shoes, turn on computer to the Kona Live feed and I was back on my bike again.

2 hour ride: I considered riding outdoors since the weather really wasn’t bad but there really aren’t good options from my house.  The bike trail involves so many start/stops and all the other routes from home you can encounter traffic, etc I went with the trainer option for ride #2.  This time I turned on the Kona live feed and watched the pro’s and their amazing watts ride along the Queen K.  Talk about motivation.

T3: Two sweaty hours later, I again changed tops, grabbed by water belt this time, put the dog back in her crate (sorry zoey…she actually likes her crate and doesn’t mind going in especially when she knows she gets some peanut butter!) and I was out the door for run #2.

1:30 run:  I had texted Jen during transition telling her that I’d love a high five and that I was going to be running by her house on my second run.  If was great to see her, Zach and little Penny…great encouragement and motivation that I could totally finish this workout.  I headed off a little nervous that my pace was too fast so I switched screens and went back to the HR and time screen.  At the turnaround time I was still feeling really good, surprised that my legs were holding up, I had no foot pain and in general felt pretty great—I was kinda getting the runners high.  Yup 5 hours into a workout I was getting a runners high.  It carried me all the way back to my house and my second run ended up being faster than my first. 

Happy face of a successful double-brick!

Strong powerful legs!  Wooo-hoooo!

Awesome discoveries:
1) I think I found my transition legs! 
2) My mind can carry me through 6 hours of a workout.
3) 140.6 training really is time consuming.
4) Ice baths are a great (and temporarily painful) thing.
5) I love that I have trained my body to be more metabolically efficient—more energy, less fuel and I don’t end workouts super hungry.

And…that was just Saturday!

Sunday was actually an “easy” workout.  3-4 hours of cycling.  I suited up in all my Pearl Izumi winter wear and hit the road around 8 am.  As I got out there it was quite apparent that my legs were tired from the day before so I opted for the shorter side of the workout.  A little over 3 hours later I was back at the car and done with the workouts for the weekend.