Friday, October 18, 2013

Breakdowns = Laughable Moments

I told ya I was going to be blogging more and being brutally honest about how things were going.  For the most part things are amazing! However, there are moments of breakdowns sometimes  (often) ending in tears, panic, rage, irrational behavior/general freak out moments which ultimately, are laughable looking back.  Here's a sneak peak of my freak out moments...

  • Seeing things around the house that need to be done that I usually do and breaking down in tears (think really simple folding laundry, a few dishes in the sink, etc--luckily I have an amazing hubby and Mr. Pi has really been doing a lot of the mundane tasks, thank you honey sooooo appreciated, after Nov. 17th I'll be less useless I promise).
  • Getting done with a workout and going straight into other activities without any (or very little) downtime which causes a mini panic attack and mini fits of rage/sadness.
  • Sitting down to eat and realizing that while you’re hungry thinking about the work your body will have to do to digest the food makes you tired.
  • Getting up for work on a Monday morning feeling beaten up and when someone in the office asked how your weekend was, you think about how you feel like a truck ran you over and about how AWESOME it was and instead of actually answering  you giddly let out a little chuckle about the badassery that was your weekend. (Note: this will make your co-workers think you’re slightly crazy).
  • Meticulously going over your pre-race spreadsheet then, giving it to a friend to have them point out that you have missed some glaringly obvious items which makes you question the whole damn thing and instills a fear that you’re going to forget something like a helmet on race day and not be allowed to race.
  • Looking at your countdown app and seeing the days tick away (today is 30 days--eee)
  • Any time any part of the body feels anything less than 100% normal.
  • Constant checking of not only for PDX but also starting to look at conditions for PHX!
  • Mechanphobia = the new word I have invented which means, fear of any and all mechanical issues associated with your trusty steed, aka your bike.
  • Excessive hand washing--like more so than usual.  I consider myself a slight germaphob but now...hol-y cow, enter hand washing, purell sanitizer and lots of Clorox wipes...if you have a sniffle/cough/general malaise of any kind--love ya but I don't want to see you until Nov. 18th.
There you have it.  A short list of laughable moments.  However, if you encounter me in the midst of one of these freakouts DO NOT LAUGH...who knows what may happen to you...LOL.

Keep the questions coming...I'll probably finish that post next week, so there is still time.  Talking to you AJH ...keep em coming!