Thursday, September 19, 2013

Three Things Thursday: A Training Update

1. The Swim
I’ve completed several swims of 4000 yards or more, all of which have been smooth sailing (swimming).  Tuesday I did a “fartlek” swim, it was actually pretty fun.  4200 yards later I was feeling invigorated.  It felt pretty good to be swimming fast even in the latter part of the workout.  Open water swimming is going to get more challenging here pretty soon as our weather is changing but I’ve found a few other tri club members also wanting to continue OWS at least for a few more weeks.
2. The Bike.
On September 14th I hit the century mark!  
Yes, this picture needs to be flipped but I don't know how! Mr. Pi did it for my FB profile photo.  I didn't ride 001 miles, trust me =)

And, with energy to spare.  It was actually pretty incredible.  I had some leftover calf soreness from a run I did so I was worried it wouldn’t go well.  However, to the contrary.  I felt awesome!  I also found some rocket fuel.  At mile 72ish we stopped back by the car and I had a cooler with a Starbucks double shot in it…by mile 90 I was singing “Rocket Man” and telling stories.  Probably the happiest I’ve ever been on a ride EVER.  Double shot will be making its way to my special needs bag for sure.
My awesome riding partner!  Thanks C!

Seen on the ride...the cutest little piglets!

 I’m not looking forward to the weather changing.  I fear I may end up on the trainer for 5 hours at some point BUT having at least that one century ride under my belt gave me a lot more confidence about the bike portion of the race.
While my rides are getting LONG, I’m trying my best to fit my life into my training schedule.  After riding 100 miles, I showered ate some salad and an egg (yes, that’s all I wanted…my metabolic efficiency is coming along and I absolutely love that I finish these monster workouts and I’m not starving!), and headed to my good friend S’s going away party.

Hidden under my dress are full on compression sleeves, that’s right, recovering and hanging out at a wine bar.
3. The Run.
I’ve hit double digits twice now and am feeling confident that my running is coming along.  I think the key is keeping the mileage in check to avoid injury and taking my recovery seriously.  I’m enjoying changing up my routes, running with friends and spending time running without any music or podcasts—I’m actually trying to do several runs unplugged since I know I won’t have rockin’ tunes or podcasts on race day.

Trying to be a morning runner.

Rockin' pace (for me) for a double digit run
All in all, I’m feeling good about where things are headed!