Monday, September 16, 2013

Past Due Winners and a Rockin' Review of ROCKTAPE

I have several product reviews in the queue, finding time to write on the blog in general is getting more difficult so I’ve pushed many of these reviews off but not because I haven’t been enjoying new products, to the contrary I’ve found some serious gems in my loot.

First, to cover off a review a couple of weeks ago on Race Across the Sky book giveaway. Of the 7 comments I received, 5 of them were entered into the drawing (the other two were folks that already have copies of the book), so your odds were good! 

Winners, email me at and I’ll get you set up with a copy of Race Across the Sky!

Drum Roll…
Keri of Girl Gone Running 
AJH of Age Group Rocks (who I know is an avid reader and generally is an all-around positive blogger, love that about her!)
Darlene, who, to my knowledge reads blogs but doesn’t blog herself.  She also suffered a 5th metatarsal break this year.  Sorry lady, you KNOW I feel your pain.

And, now for a review of RockTape.

I was sent RockTape an embarrassingly long time ago.  I have been a skeptic of any kind of tape but after watching the Olympics and seeing all that tape…it was literally EVERYWHERE on all kinds of athletes, I figured, there must be a little something to it.  So, when RockTape arrived I was dealing with a nagging tendonitis issue on my inner right leg.

I read the instructions and taped myself up.  I walked around with it, biked with it and even did some yoga taped.  I also taped my shoulder after some tough swim sessions.   In general, my impression was that it’s a similar feeling to wearing a brace, it helps stabilize but without the bulk!

Enter broken foot and a DVT…RockTape unfortunately wasn’t going to help me with any of those issues.  However, now that I’m back to training again, RockTape has come in handy.  Last Thursday, I did a pre-dawn 11.5 miler (my longest since my broken foot and DVT); also, my fastest long run in quite a long time, not that far off my half marathon PR race from 2009!  Needless to say, I was SORE, like barely walk sore.  I taped myself up on Friday and hobbled around.  
Sore calf from a rockin' fast (for me) run

It helped to stabilize the sore area and made walking (hobbling) more tolerable.  On Saturday, I had a long ride on tap, 100 miles to be exact, so again, I taped myself up and hit the road.  While I’m going to say that taping can “heal” you, it does act as a type of recovery mechanism and I sailed through 100 miles of riding with a smile on my face and minimal calf pain, really only when climbing.

I think the one major downside to RockTape is that taping certain areas like shoulders, is really hard to do it correctly if you’re taping yourself.  The shoulder taping I did should have been a two-man operation for sure, I managed, but it wasn’t easy. 

Like I said, RockTape isn’t going to heal an injury BUT if you’re dealing with something minor, it can help stabilize (word of this post!) and make you more comfortable during your sport.  AND, it comes in lots of fabulous colors so you can match your race kit or your bike or your yoga mat, etc.

If you’re looking to purchase some RockTape, here are a few places you can go:
RockTape Website: 

*Disclaimer: RockTape sent me a roll of tape at no cost.  However, the words on this site and in this review are mine.