Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rev3 Maine: Post Race Recovery Done Right

After Rev3 Maine, I got to spend another full day in Boston with my friend A.  She had asked me what I wanted to do with the day and I proceeded to say run, shop and eat not necessarily in that order.  So, after "sleeping in" until maybe 7:30, we had a relaxing morning of coffee and listening to the rain outside before we got dressed for a very humid but pleasant run.  I was all decked out in my race tattoos from the day before and probably looked ridiculous but I didn't care.  We had a lovely run through her neighborhood and chatted the whole way.

After showing and re-fueling with an iced Dunkin Donuts coffee, when in Boston no Starbucks for me, we were off to shop.  We hit up a lot of my favorites including, So Good, an entire store dedicated to accessories.  I found the 99 cent earring rack and went a little nuts.

After a healthy lunch of salads, I said I was ready for my Mike's Pastry.  To help me feel a little better about it, we walked there and took an obligatory selfie in the Gardens playing tourists.

The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent eating and drinking our way through Boston...
 Sure, I'll have dessert first!

Then, out to a place Mr. Pi and I lived across the street from the first year we lived in Boston (also, mile 21 or 22 of the Boston marathon..Beacon Street).

Known for great beer and it's mac n cheese. When in Rome (or Brookline, MA)...

After yet another wonderful day spent with a great friend in a great city, we trekked home and hit the hay. 

I absolutely loved spending time back in Boston but I was also happy to be home on my quiet street, in my own house  and yard with my doggie. (I unfortunately have to miss Mr. Pi for a few more days as he is traveling.)

Also, just a note, when you forget your TriSlide, sometimes this happens...

My wetsuit bit me!

Also, when you spend a lot of time with A and all her fun beauty products, sometimes you place an amazon order that looks like this...

Who says you can't be a little girly while training for an ironman?!?!