Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 2013

How I’ve gone nearly a month without blogging…well, that’s an easy…it’s called 140.6 training.  I’m so happy to be back at it again.  While my leg and foot let me know that they aren’t 100% quite yet, they are mostly agreeable to my training schedule.  12.5 weeks people, under 100 days, things are getting real.  If you don't care about words, scroll to the bottom for PHOTOS!

In the last month, I’ve run my farthest run since my fall, little over 7 miles.  My running plan is run/walk which is realistic training since I know that race day will be run/walk, likely emphasis on walk.  I feel behind on running training but I’m doing what I need to do to prevent further injury and slowly increase distance/time on my feet.

As for swimming, I took a mini vacation on a houseboat which wasn’t conducive to run or bike training BUT there were lots of opportunities for open water swimming.  Mr. Pi and his mom accompanied me on a 2+ mile swim, they were my kayak support crew.  I also did a one mile swim and a lot of floating around and enjoying a little R&R.

Cycling is where I have made the biggest strides.  I’ve been consistently riding over 50 miles and have hit two cycling distance records this month, the first was a hillier route out west of Hillsboro where I bested my previous record (set with Jen in 2010 at the pedal petal) and road a total of 65 miles.  Then, last weekend, despite a flat tire which took 40 minutes and help from a stranger (thank you nice cycling stranger and thanks tire for reminding that I probably need some tire changing practice), I rode over 70 miles…72 to be exact.  While I did hit a couple of low points during the ride, on the final stretch I was happy to be done but not totally dead.  I’d call that progress!

This weekend I’m off to Rev3 Maine!  It will be my first flight post-DVT.  I’m nervous but have the all clear from the doctor and instructions to wear compression and to get up and move around as much as I can (her advice was to drink a lot of water which will make my bladder force me to get up and move around). 

Coach Laura and I decided that the HalfRev was probably a bit too much for me at this point so we have switched me to an aqua bike.  I’m nervous but know that the distances are totally doable.  I’ve never done an ocean open water swim much less a race in the ocean so that should be interesting.  I’ve rented a Quintana Roo for the day and will be bringing my cycling legs.   My plan is to have an enjoyable training day with a slightly harder effort on the bike.  56 miles after the last few weeks of riding doesn’t actually seem that daunting!

Here’s to another solid month of training since you know it’ll probably be that long before I get around to posting anything.

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