Friday, July 12, 2013

Nothing like the First Time

Last weekend and this week was a week of firsts.  I went running! (Actually, I’ve been on a couple of runs.) I rode my bike outside! AND, I went open water swimming.

Last Saturday, I decided to do a very very short test run at the track (soft surface) to test my foot and my leg.  The Doc treating me for my DVT (ICYMI go here for what that is), said as soon as I felt up to it to try out a short run.  She said that my leg might feel heavy but as long as it didn’t hurt I was fine to run.  So, at 9 weeks since my foot fracture I tested out a run.  I did a LONG walk to warm up, about 1.5 miles to the track the long way.  After the walk I did a nice long series of my physical therapy exercises and some dynamic warm-up exercises from Coach Laura.  Finally, I tried a run.  I ran the straights and walked the turns for .75 miles.  Then I tried running a WHOLE lap.  It was…well…awkward.  I felt like Phoebe from Friends running down the track, it felt like I’d never run a day in my life before.  BUT it didn’t HURT—the foot or the leg.  After about 1.5 miles of walk/running I decided I was done and we walked the short way home (1 mile with a stop for coffee).  

From this test run I learned a few things. 1) Soft surfaces are my friend.  I foresee myself running at the track or on the treadmill a LOT in the next few weeks. 2) Warming up is really important. 3) I have lost running endurance for sure but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. 

Since Saturday, I have done two more runs, one on the treadmill and another one on the track.  Warm ups continue to be very important and something I prioritize and definitely no consecutive day running for a long while.  My injured foot and leg continue to be slightly swollen but nothing like they were and typically after exercise my leg swelling decreases from before my workout.

Other firsts for the week.  My awesome bike got to go outside!  I’ve been riding the trainer for the past 3 weeks but hadn’t gone on an outdoor ride yet. Last Sunday, I met up with a friend and we rode.  It was great and again, no problems with the foot or leg.

First run in 9 weeks = success

Last night, I met up with the Athlete’s Lounge group and did my first open water swim of the year.  I typically start open water swimming in May so the fact that I hadn’t worn my wetsuit in almost a year was a little weird.  But, swimming is swimming, I love it and always will.  In fact, I already made plans for another open water swim for the weekend.  Hopefully the drive on the weekend will be less traffic-y, that’s the only thing that stinks about open water swims on the week nights.

All in all, I have made vast gains in the last week.  My INR tests are leveling out and have been within the “therapeutic” range the last two weeks.  If only that awesome Caribbean vacation was next week instead of last week.  Oh well.  The Caribbean isn’t going anywhere and it was a smart decision to stay home, though, when Mr. Pi came home all nice and tan and relaxed from vacation I was jealous.  However, one thing I’ve learned from this whole ordeal is to listen to your body.

Cheers to the sunshine in Portland, Fridays’ and being on the mend and back in training action!