Thursday, July 25, 2013

Alisa vs 31

Tuesday I turned 31.  For some reason 31 seemed harder to swallow than 30, maybe it is b/c there is no escaping the 30’s now.  Anyway, in traditional form I took the day off from work and told Coach Laura to plan something fun.  Now that I’m getting back into the swing of things, she planned a workout called Alisa versus 31! 

Originally, it consisted of:
3100 yards swimming
31 miles bike/3.1 run/31 bike/3.1 run

However, as I got into the workout, I decided that rather than making my first brick of the year a pretty massive double brick and a swim to make it a regular ole single brick with a swim (b/c I HEART SWIMMING) and to just enjoy the day.  That’s just what I did.

I put on my Rev3 top and headed out.  31 miles of biking, 2 days after your first 50 mile ride in over a year, hmmmm, my legs were saying “hello.”  Instead of pushing the pace I just rode very mellow and got comfy in my aero bars.  I even chatted with a guy who was commuting to work via the bike trail.

My pretty bike!  Luc the Lucero with a brand new BIGGER aero bottle, it holds like 56 oz or something ridiculous, it's great.

End of the trail.

After 2 hours of riding, I stashed the bike in the car and headed out for my FIRST transition run of the year and my first time running on something other than a track or treadmill.  True to recovery form, I walked the first 3 minutes, during which time I kept thinking, how am I going to run.  My legs were tired and it was warm out.  But, after three minutes I started a slow jog and attempted my 5 minutes run/1-2 min walk.  Worked just fine!  Before I knew it I had already turned around and was ready to head back to the car.

And there you have it…3100 yds/31 miles riding/3.1 miles run/walk

This was followed by a nap of more than 3.1 minutes but less than 31 minutes and a great low-key birthday dinner (and beer) with my hubby!  No pictures of that unfortunately.  But know that it was a great meal, with great company and a tasty birthday beer.

Birthday presents!

The loot!  I feel totally spoiled!  Oh, and yes, the makeup brushes came with the Chamois Butt'r b/c that's how I roll!

Now that’s the right way to kick off 31!  Maybe 31 won’t be so bad afterall.