Thursday, July 25, 2013

Alisa vs 31

Tuesday I turned 31.  For some reason 31 seemed harder to swallow than 30, maybe it is b/c there is no escaping the 30’s now.  Anyway, in traditional form I took the day off from work and told Coach Laura to plan something fun.  Now that I’m getting back into the swing of things, she planned a workout called Alisa versus 31! 

Originally, it consisted of:
3100 yards swimming
31 miles bike/3.1 run/31 bike/3.1 run

However, as I got into the workout, I decided that rather than making my first brick of the year a pretty massive double brick and a swim to make it a regular ole single brick with a swim (b/c I HEART SWIMMING) and to just enjoy the day.  That’s just what I did.

I put on my Rev3 top and headed out.  31 miles of biking, 2 days after your first 50 mile ride in over a year, hmmmm, my legs were saying “hello.”  Instead of pushing the pace I just rode very mellow and got comfy in my aero bars.  I even chatted with a guy who was commuting to work via the bike trail.

My pretty bike!  Luc the Lucero with a brand new BIGGER aero bottle, it holds like 56 oz or something ridiculous, it's great.

End of the trail.

After 2 hours of riding, I stashed the bike in the car and headed out for my FIRST transition run of the year and my first time running on something other than a track or treadmill.  True to recovery form, I walked the first 3 minutes, during which time I kept thinking, how am I going to run.  My legs were tired and it was warm out.  But, after three minutes I started a slow jog and attempted my 5 minutes run/1-2 min walk.  Worked just fine!  Before I knew it I had already turned around and was ready to head back to the car.

And there you have it…3100 yds/31 miles riding/3.1 miles run/walk

This was followed by a nap of more than 3.1 minutes but less than 31 minutes and a great low-key birthday dinner (and beer) with my hubby!  No pictures of that unfortunately.  But know that it was a great meal, with great company and a tasty birthday beer.

Birthday presents!

The loot!  I feel totally spoiled!  Oh, and yes, the makeup brushes came with the Chamois Butt'r b/c that's how I roll!

Now that’s the right way to kick off 31!  Maybe 31 won’t be so bad afterall.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Love the nap of more than 3.1 minutes but less than 31 :)

  2. Happy Birthday! So glad to see you out and about. I love the nap comment too. I <3 naps! :)

  3. Fun looking birthday stuff. And I love the picture of the propped bike!

  4. I like the double brick idea, I pulled one of those myself on tuesday. What a fun way to spend your birthday!

  5. Love that you always have a fun birthday workout! At my job, we get our birthdays off (extra vacation day). I need to start working out as well. I usually start with cake eating :)

  6. Are those Saucony Rides? Those look just like the shoes I am wearing right now!

    Happy happy birthday! Glad it was a good one.

  7. Happy belated birthday!! Looks like you got some very cute lulu tops!

  8. Happy belated birthday and good job on your workout. You look amazing!

  9. Happy birthday, again! Aww, you always do these super fun birthday workouts!