Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Boot Gets Around...

I last left you with tails of an amazing weekend of freedom, aka hobbling in the boot.  Well, the boot has been getting around, definitely a little too much so. 

Yes, these are awesome looks.

At my last Dr Appt I asked Dr. Laidback “how much walking in the boot is too much walking?”  To which he answered: “You’ll know.”  Well, I think I found out.
After being crutchless for several days, I got a little over zealous and probably walked hobbled too far.  What’s too far when you’re in a boot? over lunch hour, to starbucks and back, to a hair appt and to/from from buses and the train.  YIKES!  I did a rough estimate and it appears I may have walked somewhere between 2-3 miles.  Definitely too much. My calf/behind my knee was very painful, so much so, that I was back to crawling to the bathroom and sobbing from the pain.  My foot at the fracture site was only mildly achy, but mild ache is not the same thing as pain free. No good.

I'm totally mad at myself for overdoing it and taking steps backwards in the healing process.  Thanks to my husband for the hugs through my sobs and for getting me ice packs in the middle of the night.  I'm hoping with a couple of days of rest I'll be back to where I was and can be smarter this time around.

Beautification in process. My hair needed this, I needed this what I should have done was only done this one outing for the day.  Just b/c I CAN shop over lunch or walk to starbucks doesn't mean I SHOULD (or at least not all in one day).

So, for the next few days I’m allowing myself some NSAIDs (I have really tried to gut out pain without drugs) and am taking it very easy.   My calf hurt pretty bad back when I first got the boot too, my poor calf has to lift up an extra 3 lbs while my foot/ankle is in a locked awkward position forcing me to change my whole gait.  I get it buddy, I’m going easy on you.  I am hoping that a couple of days with lots of rest (ice, compression and's RICE ppl), it’ll get back to where it was before I decided to walk all over town.

Now for some good news. Despite my sore calf/behind my knee (the upper part, which I have self-diagnosed via Dr. Google as a gastrocnemius strain and potentially a fluid build up which could be a Baker's Cyst...Dr. Google is scary but at least both of these things don't typically require anything but RICE) my ankle flexibility is coming back!  I can now flex and point my toes (which hurts my calf but not my foot) and I’m slowly making mini ankle circles again. To reward this progress, I decided to get behind the wheel and try out driving again…not in my boot in a normal shoe, which I have been slowly transitioning too when I’m at my house.  I drove around the block and purposefully slammed on the brakes a couple of times to see if I could do it pain-free.  And, I did!  Yay!  However, I think when there is opportunity for someone else to drive me, I’ll be taking them up on it.

I love my car.

As for exercise, (I'm counting all the stupid over zealous walking)...I’ve still been rocking my Australian pilates videos, Nike Training Club App workouts and various other upper body/core work.  I was ready to hit the pool this week but going by bus wasn’t going to happen and then with my calf pain I decided to just continue to take it easy.  My A race for the year is still 160+ days away, which translates into (approx.) 23 weeks and 5.89 months.  I know it’s best to let myself heal and get back out there again when I’m feeling good.  I think swimming will be in my future soon but I want to get back to where I was previously with the foot/calf pain before attempting another swim (aka pull).  Full Disclaimer: As I've been through some ups and downs in recovery I’m also prepared for the possibility that the A race is going to be more like 530 days away…aka 2014.  We shall see.

Anyway, those are the injury chronicles for the day.  Slowly but surely the I am healing…if I could only manage to learn my limits things would be going better.