Sunday, June 2, 2013

One Month

Another injury update.  It's been one month (and 1 day, to be exact).  The most exciting thing that happened this week was this...

Ditching my crutches!  Sayonara pink crutchies, hopefully I won't need you again.

Walking in the boot is proving to be harder than I originally thought BUT it's progress!!!  In fact, while Mr. Pi was in San Diego this weekend running a marathon (go honey go) I even managed to take the dog for a walk.  It was more of sniff fest for her since the walking was so slow but she seemed happy to be out and about.  We made it a whole 1/2 mile.

Look, no crutches!  And, yup, those are leg warmers aren't they awesome?  They help hide my not so fashionable walking boot.  I got some weird looks from my neighbors while walking the dog, not sure if it was the limp or my leg warmers =).

Also, in weekend news, I'm reminded about how awesome my friends are.  On Saturday, miss Gazelle chauffeured me to/from the pool!  I got in a mile of pulling, albeit slowly but it felt so good to be in the pool.  At the end of the pull session, I even tried 50 yds of real swimming, it was a little uncomfortable so I decided to give it another few days before I try real swimming again.  Until then, my pull buoy (no longer my pool buoy since I feel confident I won't need it for rescue) is my friend.  I'm also still rockin' the Australian pilates.

On Sunday, my awesome friend S came over for brunch and we had a 2 hour gab fest. Complete with time spent out enjoying the sunshine when it popped out from behind the clouds.  She also brought me this:

Awwww, I have the best friends ever.  Exactly what I needed this weekend.

Remember how I said I did some online shopping?  Well, some of my items have started arriving.  First, this gem..

I don't actually plan on using this for a few more weeks but I'm prepared.

For comedic relief!  I think the chic on the box looks better.

This awesome bag of relaxation also came in the mail.  

I am not usually a bath taker, even though we have a HUGE claw tub however, given my foot situation that claw foot tub has come in quite handy.

And finally, my REV3 2013 tri kit came in the mail this week!  While I won't be racing for quite awhile (my first tri of the year was supposed to be next weekend, oh well) I'm excited to sport this kit with pride once I'm out there again.