Friday, May 10, 2013

What's up Doc?

I don't know about you guys but I don't go to the doctor all that often, usually once a year for my lady exam.  I have to be pretty sick to go in or something really bad must have happen (remember alien water balloon of 2010, I went in for that).  Anyway, with this injury, knowing it's broken, knowing I have some big goals still looming out there for the year, I sought out a specialist (an ortho/sports med specialist).

I went in assuming I'd get a timeline of how long I'd be on crutches, to confirm or deny a Jones Fracture (thankfully it was deny), how long I'd be in the walking boot, when can I drive!, when I could start training again, did he think the ironman in a little over 6.5 months is doable, supplements--good idea or not, foods to eat or avoid, bone stimulators, physical therapy...blah blah blah  I had a long list of questions.  Yup, I was that girl with the notebook and the pen.

The answer to almost all of my questions was "it depends."  

How long will I be on crutches?
-It depends but I encourage you to bear weight as soon as you can in the walking boot.  Bearing weight and exercise helps stimulate bone health and healing.

How long will I be in the walking boot?
-It depends.  We will take new x-rays in 3 weeks to see how the healing is progressing.  If it's starting to heal well then, he wants to start some PT exercises for my ankle--treating it more like a severe ankle sprain than a fracture. {But it is a FRACTURE so this answer concerned me a bit.}

-It depends.  He said to think of the worst case scenario, a child running out in the road type of thing, if I don't think I could stop the car, don't drive. {I have a feeling I will not be driving for some time.}

When can I get in the pool with a pool buoy, cycle, etc?
-It depends.  He basically said I shouldn't really do anything for the next three weeks before we see the x-rays, except try to walk supported at some point, maybe in a week, maybe in a few days.  He was adamant about not letting that go too long.  Arm weights and abs and if I can get to a gym, the hand cycle machine are all okay for now but he said no to pretty much anything else until the x-rays in 3 weeks.  {What's confusing to me is since he didn't give me a timeline, how the heck am I supposed to KNOW when it's okay to walk in the boot?  I'm anxious to get going but I don't want to rush it.  Thoughts anyone?}  

As far as the race goes, he asked how far along in training I was and if I had done those distances before, etc.  When I started down my race history and training, he seemed to think it was a possibility but again, didn't give me any definite answers.

Coach Laura said that not getting a timeline can actually be a good thing b/c sometimes timelines are wrong and you get your hopes up only to have them crushed when your healing isn't going well.  I KNOW this is true but I'm an A-type, I like schedules.

While I don't have a very satisfying timeline to share, the Doc was positive about the fracture being a typical "avulsion" fracture.  He said it was a little bigger than what they normally see but he didn't seem that worried about it.  In fact, he essentially said that if it were smaller they may have just prescribed a hard soled shoe and tried to rehab it/treat it as a severe ankle sprain.  All in all, he was a pleasant and laid back Doc, maybe a little too laid back for my taste but the fact that he seemed pretty optimistic about recovery was good.

As for me, I've stopped using Dr. Google and am just going to do everything I can to help my bones heal hoping for an all-clear for pool buoy time in 3 weeks.  Until then, thanks to Sarah for sharing her favorite self timer app, y'alls can see me doing the only exercising I'm allowed to be doing:

Suggestions for seated or supported arms and abs workouts are appreciated!