Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Traveling Crutch Master

Well, it’s been a week and a half since the “great break 2013” and certainly a mixed bag of emotions.  For the most part, I think I have handled myself well but there have definitely moments of tears and explicative filled bouts of frustration but overall, I’m doing my best to stay positive.  Crutchin ain’t easy but it is made a little more bearable by HOT PINK crutch pads…

Prior to the GB13, Mr. Pi and I had plans to go down to California for mother’s day weekend to go wine tasting with our mom’s and other family members.  My trip was also going to include a 60 mile bike ride with my dad and a 10 mile run.  We did get down to California for the weekend but the weekend activities sure looked different for me.  Instead of a 60 mile bike ride, I did a few abs and hung out by (and IN) the pool.  I guess there are pluses to injury, more time to work on my tan without crazy racer back tan lines.

On Sunday prior to wine tasting, Dad drove me to the gym and we did a solid 45 minutes of strength training and corework.  It was the first time in a week that I felt semi-normal. 

Wine tasting was also a different experience, instead of bellying up to the bar, I got to sit in chairs and be served.  Making sure I didn’t drink too much since I decided that wine and crutches are NOT a good idea.

On the way back to Portland, I made a greater effort at rest stops to get up and move around and to keep my leg elevated which involved riding with it on the dash board as well as periods where I would try to go “upside down” in my seat and place my boot on the ceiling.  Yes, it was a sight and no, I sadly, don’t have any photos.

All in all, a successful trip to see family and friends and I’m again reminded of how really lucky I am.  I have a great family and wonderful friends who are helping to keep me distracted.

 Card from a Rev3 teammate and flowers from my hubby