Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thoughts from the Injured Reserve List

I had originally thought about titling this post “the good, the bad and the ugly” but I thought that was actually a little harsh for what I really want to talk about, especially since I’ve decided against posting what would have been “the ugly” --a pic of my bruised and odd looking and slightly atrophied foot/leg (your welcome).

Anywho, here goes my random thoughts:

1) I miss walking.  I also miss spending my mornings and evenings enjoying sweat filled activities (oh, and driving) but at 2 weeks and 3 days into this injury, what I really miss is walking.  At home, I’ve got a pretty good set up, I crab crawl down the stairs and to an office chair.  Once in the office chair I’m pretty mobile.  I can cook myself food and let the dog out, etc.  However, going anywhere else involves a lot of crutching.  I know Miss Sweaty crutch-spectated marathons and crutched miles while traveling but that’s just not me.  I’ve crutch commuted to/from the bus but if I can get a ride, I’m taking it.  Crutching is slow and uncomfortable.  I miss walking.
The Crab Crawl

2) Free Time.  I have WAY more free time!  This past weekend while Mr. Pi was running his way to a new half marathon PR and a 1st place 30-34 male medal (congrats speedy honey) I successfully vacuumed and mopped the downstairs floors, cleaned the downstairs bathroom, and cleaned out our freezer (all from an office chair).  Still on the list is to organize the cooking magazines/books cabinet and the shelves behind the couch.  I also had time to sit and relax with a friend while we painted our nails.  I considered taking up knitting but since we don't have any knitting supplies at the house that'd require someone getting them for me and I'm trying limit my "asks" to only stuff I really need.  I haven’t found any good books to read yet but if you have suggestions let me know!  I also no longer obsessively check the weather to see if I’ll be stuck on the trainer or riding outside, in fact, it POURED on Saturday and I didn’t even bat an eyelash when I turned on the heater in mid-May. Oh and I even got to cuddle in bed with my little Zoey (who turns 5 this week).

3) "Working out."  I’ve had to become quite creative in my “workouts.”  To my normal, healthy self, my “workouts” wouldn’t even be workouts but for the injured reserve list me I’m taking what I can get.  I’ve been to the gym once, with my Dad in California.  If the gym were easier to get to via crutches I’d try to go here too but it’s not and I’m already asking a lot of friends and family to cart me around so that’s out until I can walk to/from the bus stop.  Instead, I’ve scoured the internet for seated weights workouts that I can do from my couch and I’ve been doing pushups like nobody’s business.  I also have a couple of apps on my phone for core work.  Of course, like most of us A-type triathletes who are used to double day workouts, I miss attacking workouts and pushing myself but I’m taking what I can get.  My arms and abs better be rockin’ after this ordeal is over.  Thanks to the self timer app you all get to see me in action.

4) Food.  It is amazing how much your appetite is tied to your activity level.  I find myself not very hungry most days.  I’m being careful of portion sizes and what’s going into my body.  I am feeding it all kinds of healthy, bone-repairing (hopefully), foods.  Also, as an athlete that wears a copious amount of spandex I am afraid of gaining weight due to my inactivity.  So, to help combat the sedentary weight gain and to hopefully help re-grow strong bones, I’ve been trying to make conscious choices with my eating and my portions.

5) Thankful.  I am truly a lucky lady.  My family and friends have been absolutely supportive.  Mr. Pi has been incredible, much of the burden of this injury has been placed on him and he remains a happy go lucky, non-complainy husband.  Also, this thing could be so much worse, every time I get here myself whining I try to remember that!  I think mentioned before that Mr. Pi brought me flowers and that my Rev3 teammate sent me a card but...

...I also get texts/FB notes from friends (and bloggers like Colleen and Mandy) and my parents almost daily.  My local friends stop by, set up nail painting dates (like this past weekend) or old lady seated weights sessions in my living room.  I know I’m not convenient and can’t do a lot of the fun stuff my friends are used to doing so it’s meant a lot that they are absolutely fine with doing whatever.  At work, my co-workers are amazing, they fill up my water bottle and bring me my salad from the fridge.  Friday was a particularly rough day after a couple of nights of not sleeping well and my co-worker brought me a coffee from Starbucks to perk me up.  Even my boss has stopped by at lunch time to see if I needed anything before he went out.  After I’m mobile I plan to pay back by lending a hand and doing something special for those that have helped me.

Those are my thoughts from the injured reserve list.  Have you ever been injured?  If so, what did you do to stay sane and what did you miss the most?