Sunday, May 5, 2013

The B Word

I have about 5 posts half written in the queue including one I started last week called, "training update" that's full of tails about hill repeats, track sessions and metric centuries.  However, seems a little silly to post that now.  Why?  Well, most of you probably already saw on FB that I broke my foot on Saturday.  Yup, B-R-O-K-E-N.

First and foremost, thank you to my amazing husband and our house guest (who also happens to be the best man from our wedding) for rescuing me after my fall.  My hubby carried me over a mile back to the car b/c I couldn't put any weight on my foot.  Also, thanks to my city which was teeming with runners and cyclists on Saturday morning, many stopped to see if I was okay.

Anywho, many have asked for the "story" so here it is super short.  Girl (aka me) goes out for long run on a beautiful saturday morning, ready to tackle 8-10 miles and go for a swim before enjoying a gorgeous sunny saturday.  Girl gets 2.5 miles into said long run, hits the tiniest lip on the PAVED trail between the pavement and dirt shoulder and GOES DOWN with a crack.  It was loud and painful, girl drops to the ground, takes off shoe and sees immediately swelling.  She curses at herself a half dozen times but decides she is going to try to hobble back to the car, knowing she's in no-man's land in between two parking areas on the trail.  After hobbling maybe 100 feet she throws in the towel sits down and calls husband.  Husband and friend arrive (in the meantime many many runners and cyclists pass asking if girl needs help).  Husband and friend try to help girl hobble but foot is swollen and hurts too much too bear weight.  Husband picks up girl and proceeds to carry her back to the car. (A friend called him a "knight in running shoes" so true.) A short trip to the ER confirms foot is broken.  The end.

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed by the amount of texts and FB/twitter/instagram messages I got.  Thank you family, friends and running/tri community.  

Many had questions about what this means for my BIG race in depends.  Right now I'm a little over 6.5 months away.  I was referred to an ortho/sports med doc for all my follow ups so I'll know a little more after that appt.  Right now, the ER docs said everything looked like a "clean" break and their prognosis was 4-8 weeks of no weight bearing activities (aka walking, running, etc).  I'm not sure how long I'll be in complete rest mode, aka crutches, but at least the next week or so.  The docs seemed to think that after a few weeks I'll be able to swim and ride (the trainer of course) until I'm fully healed.  At this point, I'm just going to listen to the docs and my body. I'm not throwing in the towel on Arizona but I'm also trying not to be crushed if I can't complete it this year.  Coach Laura seems to think, with smart recover and the ability to keep in shape through aqua jogging/cycling and swimming (when I am able) that we should be able to get me to the start line.  Again, I'll know more after I see the specialist but I'm trying to stay as positive as I can right now.  A pity party isn't going to help anyone, especially my gimpy foot.  

While I've got all sorts of thoughts going through my head, I am also focused on the little stuff, like getting up to use the bathroom, letting the dog out and getting myself water/ice.  Everyday things like this are sooooo much bigger deal.  It takes twice as long to go anywhere with crutches and you can't really carry anything, my sports bra has become a nice pouch to carry water bottles and cups.  I'll definitely be thankful for the walking cast and the ability to put a little weight on my foot again.  Luckily, I have an amazing husband who has been taking care of me.  Being helpless definitely is not fun.  It doesn't help that the weather is amazing right now in Portland and I'm stuck being immobile--but no pity parties here =).

I know a lot of you out there have dealt with injuries, anyone have advice on ways to stay sane?  It's pretty hard for us active-types to suddenly be sedentary.  Ideas on projects one can do seated/lying down?  Exercises?  I've read about chair weights (usually done for old ladies), I'm thinking I'll probably be able to do some core work.  Any ideas would be awesome!

Since I won't be posting the training update and it'll be awhile since I'm back to training again, I'll leave you with this one awesome photo of my hill repeats last week: