Monday, May 27, 2013


Forced time off from training can often lead to athletes reflecting on what training means to them.  To me, my forced time off has made me realize, not too surprisingly, that training isn't everything; however, it has made me realize that everything I like to do involves being active.  Even simple activities like yardwork and walking the dog involve movement. I would not make a good bedridden patient.  So many things we take for granted when we can easily do them; think about the simple stuff, like opening a door, try opening a heavy door while on crutches, not so easy.  I can't imagine being permanently handicapped.  I will never think of ramps and handicap door openers as silly ever again.

To keep me sane, I've been making lists, just like I did before my injury of things to accomplish in a day or a weekend.  This LONG weekend was no different.  On my list was: adventures in baking (see my last post for some recipes), laundry (again), cleaning my closest, cleaning our "junk" cabinets (you know those cabinets where you just throw stuff hoping the door actually closes)...CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!  I've tried to stay away from the TV, though I have watched some of the new Arrested Development episodes, you should too!  

Even though I'm trying to stay away from the TV, I think I found something even more dangerous to suck me in...RETAIL THERAPY.  How have I not done more online shopping?  It's fast, easy, most places do free shipping (and returns if needed) and you don't actually have to go to the MALL.  Mr. Pi and I will be going on the Pi Family Vacation at the end of June, this year to the Virgin Islands!  I figured some vacay clothes were necessary, right?! I'm still searching for a new beach worthy bathing suit, I'll let you know if I find one.  Bathing suits and maxi dresses look go with my walking boot right?!  (I'm HOPING I won't be traveling with only left shoes but if I'm still sportin' the walking boot at least my outfits will be cute.)

Despite not being able to be as active as I'd like, I'm still doing my old lady seated weights workouts and my core work via Nike Training Club App.  The NTC app has been my go-to!  I can do both of the core-specific workouts, the shoulder ripper workout and I can modify some of the others to isolate just the upper body stuff.  I also "unlocked" some of the bonus content, aka short workouts hosted by celebrity athletes.  I've found I can easily do the Gabby Douglas pilates-style workout and the Serena Williams core power workout.  In addition to the NTC app I found a delightful series on YouTube, it's a pilates series hosted by a lovely Aussie woman.  In fact, I hit a new broken foot workout record this weekend, I did a whole hour of workouts.  Pilates video + weights + extra core session.  I may have even broken a light sweat!

So, when you've taken time off from your regular training...either by choice or forced by injury what have your reflections been about?  What have you done to stay sane?