Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ms Independent

More like "missing my independence." It's been only 4 days and I definitely have a new found appreciation for the little things (and also my former level of physical activity).  Taking an ironman-in-training from 9-12 hours a week of exercise to crutches and the couch isn't exactly a smooth transition.  BUT I'm still trying to stay positive.  I did have one episode as I was crawling up the stairs crab-style on my butt where I said something like "this sucks or life sucks" Mr. Pi being the awesome guy that he is didn't let me live with that comment reminding me that this is just a broken foot, it'll heal!  I wasn't in a horrific accident that's left me paralyzed, I wasn't front and center at the Boston marathon bombing losing a limb or my life...all I did was break a foot.  He is right of course.  Pity parties get you no where Alisa!  So, with that episode and a few shed tears, I hope I'm past being sad, mad and generally upset.

Let's move on to the "new normal."  
Sorry for the laundry pile action, but hey, at least I got it out of the dryer myself and folded it!

I have been lucky enough to work from home this week, which took a whole level of stress out of trying to get to/from work (remember I can't drive) and worrying about being uncomfortable sitting at a desk all day.  Next week, I'll go back to the office which should be interesting as I'll be relying on Mr. Pi for rides and may end up working some really long hours as he teaches in the evenings and may not be able to fetch me until quite late.  BUT again, could be worse.

I was able to find some good tips via Google (though, I'll warn you Dr. Google can also be a VERY scary place, more on that to come) on how people have gotten around their house, etc.  We now have an office chair in the living room so when I need to use the bathroom or get food/water or let the dog out I can simply scoot along the couch to the chair and wheel myself around.  I'm sure it's quite comical but it gives me a little bit of freedom.  I can carry food in my lap and don't have to eat standing up on one leg. In fact, I was even able to get laundry from the dryer back to the couch to fold and feel semi-useful. Of course, I can't get it up the stairs but that's Mr. Pi's job usually anyway =).

I can feed myself!

Google also gave me some good tips for going up and down stairs that are steepish, hence my crab-like crawl.  Beats freaking out about falling and hurting my good foot using the crutches.  I also found a product called "crutcheze" and immediately ordered some in HOT pink.  

They haven't arrived yet so until then, I'm going old school style and have towels wrapped the arm rests.  

Zach, Jen's hubby, made the comment that you'd think with all the advances in technology we have that SOMEONE would be able to come up with a better, more comfortable crutch system.  That actually got me thinking that maybe the point of crutches being uncomfortable is to remind those that are on crutches to NOT do whatever it was that they were doing to get them to the point of needing crutches?  In my case, don't be a klutz and pay more attention to foot placement while running.  Other things I've learned, put the most used products in the bathroom (aka toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brush, deodorant, etc) at a height you can reach while seated in the office chair.  "Showering"  since it involves getting in and out of the claw foot tub and using the hand shower making a total mess on the floor is okay to do like once every few days. (sorry peeps, I'll try to spray myself down with bath and body works spray before I see you.)

Penny didn't seem to mind if I was stinky =)

As I mentioned, Google has provided some good tips, but Dr. Google (as Kristen called it) can be a scary ass place.  I think I've looked at more people's x-rays online that I care to share trying to compare their x-rays to mine to see if I have the dreaded Jones Fracture or not (the real doc says NO).  I also have read more horror stories about fractures not healing properly, people re-injuring themselves, surgeries, etc.  It's hard not to consult Dr. Google though!  Us A-types...we NEED to know!  

All in all, while I am absolutely missing my independence and ability to feel massive amounts of sweat dripping from my body, it could be a lot worse and I know time will pass and I'll be back at it.  Until then, feel free to laugh at me as I roll around in an office chair fixing myself meals.