Sunday, April 14, 2013

Training, Traveling and Spectating

Well, so much for being on a blogging roll...

Anywho, let's just get into it.  (I'm going to save my running and recovery giveaways for later in the season b/c honestly, I'd rather do a few real posts before doing another giveaway.)

Training: I'm officially over a month into true 140.6 training (I officially began my coached training in March) and so far so good.  I've had a few flare ups of this or that but nothing that has sidelined me, just extra attention paid, extra time using the stick and my Normatec's.  I've tried to pay attention to the times when I just need some R&R, maybe putting off the laundry or housework that I should be doing in favor of these lovely items:

(Ginger Yogi tea, my NormaTec's and Rich Roll's book)

So far in Q1 of 2013, I logged some decent miles, exactly where I need to be at the start of my epic year (32,125 yds of swimming, 606 miles of biking, 242 miles of running and a combined 45 hours of strength work and yoga).  

Speaking of EPIC, my coach, Coach Laura recently had the official launch of her coaching and consulting business--EPIC ENDURANCE.

Go check her out here . 

So far, so great on the training front.  I know I'm not even close to the meat of build-phase training but so far, I have been really loving the experience.  I've tried not to stress and am doing my best to take a very zen-like approach to the whole thing.  I think one thing that has really helped me stay stress-free is having a super supportive network.  My hubby is absolutely supportive, as are my parents and my friends, even my co-worker (who may or may not think I'm nuts) always asked about how my training is going.  

Another huge part of my zen-like training is having Coach Laura.  Honestly, you have no idea how nice it is not to stress about creating a weekly training schedule...I can skip all of those "am I doing enough? too much?" conversations.  Laura is good about allowing me to fit training into my life so I never feel like anything is too rigid and she's incredibly good about providing feedback.  All in all, 100% worth spending a little extra money.  

And, last but not least, I think keeping yoga in the routine helps my mental state.  It allows me time to zone out and meditate (of sorts), something I really can't do running, biking or even in the pool.  I also think it helps with injury prevention b/c we all know I'm terrible at stretching...stretching in the shower while I wash my hair counts right?  

Training is exactly where it needs to be and I'm enjoying the journey.

Spectating:  If we're friends on FB and Twitter you'll know that Mr. Pi just recently completed his 6th (?) ultra marathon at the American River 50 Mile.  He did amazing, as always, and I had a super fun day of spectating with family and friends cheering him on.  Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the day.

Running with his cousin for the first bit.

Coming into Rattlesnake Bar

Finish Line!

Travel (and training while traveling):  I did some travel for work after Mr. Pi's race which allowed me to stay in sunny, beautiful California and I got to spend extra time with my Dad.  It was a busy work week with early morning wake up calls and some late night post-dinner work hours but I soaked up as much sunshine and outdoor training as possible.  Including several rides with my Dad along the river and some very sunshiney morning runs.  I am so lucky to have a Dad that likes to ride with me, makes for a nice riding partner while traveling.

Where I spent most of my days.

Still getting used to Luc (my amazing QuintanaRoo ride) BUT after the initial warm up miles in which he freaks me out b/c let's be real riding in aero is still scary, he is a dream to ride.  I'm getting much more confident and comfortable in aero and I've definitely had moments of total and utter bliss riding him.

Dad, who got a new road bike and is planning to do a century with me in the Fall, where I have no doubt that he'll be cycling circles around me.

This was my favorite ride of the trip...87 degrees, plentiful sunshine and only a little bit of wind.

Sunshiney morning run along the river, tracing some of the steps Mr. Pi ran on the AR50 course.

I'm not going to pretend to make promises about more consistent blogging b/c we all know that's not going to happen.  But I will try to check in from time to time as my year progresses.  I definitely use FB, twitter and now, instagram, a lot more for training photos so if you're interested in the condensed, less wordy updates, find me there! 

Twitter: @dunlapa
Instagram (my new obsession): dunlapam0723  (<---yes annoyed="" another="" dunlapa="" have="" i="" now="" remember="" so="" taken="" that="" to="" username="))</font" was="" yet="">

My girl Miss IronJen always says "thanks for reading,"  I like it so I'm stealing it...

Thanks for reading y'alls!  (Even though I'm not from the south I think somewhere I have a little southern in me since sometimes out of no where I'll throw in a y'all!)

P.S. I still read a lot of blogs but I've almost 100% fallen off the commenting wagon but know that I do still read!