Thursday, April 18, 2013

To Boston, with love

A lot has already been said about April 15, 2013 so this will be brief.

As a former Bostonian, a runner and a race spectator the events of April 15, 2013 are unspeakable.  When I lived in Boston I spent many days walking Boylston street, passing by the Boston Marathon finish line.  On Marathon Monday I’d enjoy a day off from school, get a pedicure and spectate the race with friends.  When I lived in Boston the farthest I’d ever run was 12 miles, the marathon was something only crazy people did.  However, my awe of the marathon was born in Boston.  I’ve had several friends qualify for and run Boston, including a few this year.  To know how hard they trained and the sacrifices they made only to have the day end in such tragedy is just…there are no words.

Then I think about the countless hours my family and friends (and myself) have spent spectating races and I’m almost brought to tears.  Most spectators see their runners for only a few seconds during a race but those few seconds to anyone that has ever run a race mean so much.  As a spectator, I’ve cheered with fervor making funny signs and ringing a cow bell for hours on end and I have loved every second!

As both a spectator and runner, I am more determined than ever to race races and spectate for my friends and family. I will not let the events of Monday deter me from the joy I feel standing at the finish line, as both a spectator and a runner. 

The running community is an amazingly resilient and determined group.  Let’s vow to always stay that way.  With that, I’ll stop and simply say, 

Boston, we RUN with you and in honor of what you have brought to our sport.